Friday, December 30, 2005

December 26-29 2005

Monday Dec. 26- Roger calls to say he is real sick. On the way to get my mail stopped by Lee’s to tell Stu about Wessel’s email and to look at new fountain Lee has on front yard. Wrote my column for the newspaper and sent it in early for the holidays.
Tuesday Dec. 27- Not feeling well; a cold, the flu, an allergy? Went to town and got supplies, gas, and flu remedies. Dropped off chest of drawers and Wessel’s info for Denver trip at Stu’s house. When I returned Sam was at my driveway with his sister-in-law’s computer to fix, a rush job cause she goes back to Carson Thursday. Found that it had only 128megs of ram to run XP. Called Sam later and told him we need to purchase a 512meg from, he said ‘go ahead’, and had it shipped overnight delivery. Stoney dropped by after bingo with pumpkin pie.
Wednesday Dec. 28- Mostly worked on Sam’s sister-in-law’s computer. Loaded Avast anti-virus and Spybot and found all kinds of Trojans and Spyware. Decided get an ok from Sam to scrap the whole OS and do a reinstall of XP. Sam says, ok.
Thursday Dec. 29- Scott comes by at 9:30 am! Looking for some help finding an address on Lear ave. I go, we find. 10:30am UPS here with 512meg memory. I reinstall XP and backups on Sam’s computer. 4:00pm Sam here for computer, and all work on it is done. Buffalo folk bring by some ham soup, yumm. Finished book “Gateway” and started second book in the series “Beyond the Blue Event Horizon” by Pohl.

Monday, December 26, 2005

December 21-25 2005

Wednesday 21- Jeff Reed called and needed a jump for his truck. Got mail and on the way back visited Roger Toomes for a while and saw his new color laser printer. Ten I stopped by Lee Hines and met Erick, who helps out at the center, and his two sons who were running around the yard. Sat around and jawed for a few and Marcie served us up some toquetos with avocado dip. Left the Hines and dropped in on the Buffalo Gal. Nice warm day!
Thursday 22- Did the full exercise routine and boy am I tired! Did the wash, watered the plants. Stopped by the Buffalo folks and they gave me a small Christmas tree. Stuart Watson came by that evening and we talked about gals and the lack of them out here. Jeff came over too, and brought back the eMac I lent him.
Friday 23- Stoney dropped by with those cookies he made. Finished the book “The Road Ahead” and started reading one that Jeanne Kula gave me “Howard Hughes The Secret Life” by Charles Higham.
Saturday 24- Mac McDermott invited me over for dinner with him and his family. I brought over the computer that I promised Dennis his son. Spent most of the day over there and on the way home noticed that Stuart was home and dropped in. Had five phone calls on the answering machine when I finally got home.
Sunday 25- Christmas! Called family and friends and wished them a merry Christmas. Stopped by the Hines’s to drop off my gift to them. Lee was ailing in bed with a bad back, I didn’t see him, and so I took some pics of Marcie by their Tree. Had my Christmas dinner at the Buffalo Folks home, they are sure mighty fine people.