Saturday, May 11, 2002

Copper Mountain Mesa News

Our little Community wishes all a happy Mother's Day. I missed a few birthdays last week and here they are: Tim Herrera and Jackie Johnston. Sorry about that.

The Ramada Casino invited Bob and Marge Seeley to Laughlin Nevada. Bob was guest speaker representing the Marine Corp and the Pearl Harbor Survivors at the Casino's War Memorial Room and Display on April 30th. Mr. Seeley told the audience of his personal experience of December 7, 1941. Bob stood and witnessed the Arizona blow up, the Oklahoma roll over. He watched as enemy planes were destroying ships moored in the harbor. And finally being helpless and horrified as his ship, flag ship of the Pacific USS California, sunk. The devastation continued as oil fires broke out in the channel and people were trying to swim through it to get to shore. Mr. Seeley made it ashore to Ford Island were he found a truck and gathered up apples and filled containers with water from a swimming pool and distributed them till he ran out of gas. Bob says, "All hell broke loose that day and it was a very unforgettable experience".

Thought for the week: I been watching the news lately and I just wonder; has everyone gone nuts?