Sunday, December 08, 2013

December 2013


Sunday 01- mostly a cloudy day.
Lite exercises; I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.
Worked on Christmas cards getting a bunch of them done.
I went for a short evening walk.
Practiced my guitar.

Monday 02- clouds here and there.
Lite exercises; I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.
I drove the scooter to the mirror house and took some pictures. On the front of the house some of the mirrors have fallen off, but I think it was caused by some bad weather we've had. I almost feel like going over there to glue them back on, but I'd want permission from the artist first. They have a facebook page I left a message there and you can also see its webpage and videos here: The videos on the website are pretty cool to watch!
Worked on more Christmas cards.
I went for a short walk.
There was a planned power outage by Edison from 8pm to 8am affecting 11,000 customers and Kelly didn’t know and called to tell me her electric was out. I took her some candles and one of my Chromebooks that connects to the internet. The power came back up around 3am.

Tuesday 03- nice sunny day outside.
I did my stretches.
I tried to start the Harley these last couple of days but she won’t go. I guess I’ll dig into her to and have a look-see when it gets warmer.
I drove the Cougar down to get my mail at the Border Ave mailbox.
I went for a short walk.

Wednesday 04- very windy day.
I did my stretches. It is too windy to go exercise outside.
Mostly stayed inside to clean up the place a little and cleaned out the ashes from the wood stove. I tried to fix the controls on the electric blanket that failed yesterday. A resistor had come unsoldered and I soldered it back on. I found out that the resistor get really hot and the controller starts blinking and shuts down. Nothing much else I can do to fix it.

Thursday 05- dang cold today!
Lite exercises; I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.
UPS delivered my Christmas Egg from Judy Jackson! The egg is really pretty and hangs from a golden holder. Thanks Judy!
Went for a short evening walk.

Friday 06- colder with clouds and wind.
I did my stretches.
My cement pond froze this morning, so I declare it to be officially winter.
I updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and sent out the Newsletter.
I messed around with my computers and wrote more Christmas cards.

Saturday 07- colder still with a slim chance of snow. No snow, but it could it was so cold.
I did my stretches.
Sherry came by for a spell. We yapped about this and that and she brought me some lemon pudding cups.
It never got much over 40 degrees so I just stayed inside and messed around fixing a door that doesn’t shut right and a shelf that fell out of the wall because a screw I used when I first put it in missed the stud.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Week******

Sometimes I lose myself in myself to find a deeper meaning and I think I am a better person for it when I emerge <3 span="">

Dark skies are swollen heavy and thick, the storm approaches mighty quick, over steep waves our little boat must plow, beyond its crest bursts our bow, over the next wave and then the next, water floods heavy across her decks, our little boat shudders, sways and rolls, must right itself before she goes, to drift down deep into the sea’s murky depths, or sail further on to future quests.

Yes, we stumble, we fall, we laugh and make peace with ourselves and continue on with our journey through life's little obstacles. ~Robert DeLoyd


Sunday 08- another cold day.
I did my stretches.
I mostly did some reading in my astronomy book.
I forgotten what I did the rest of the day, but I can assure you it must have been exciting.....

Monday 09- very cold.
I did my stretches.
I went shopping to get some supplies, filled up three propane 5 gallon tanks and bought a few gifts.
I went over to Kelly’s. She has been very sick and I shared my baked chicken, potato salad, and coleslaw with her.

Tuesday 10- still cold and dark clouds.
I woke up with a slight sore throat but it went away after a few hours.
I did my stretches.
Just stayed inside and stayed warm

Wednesday 11- not as cold, but a few clouds. At 11pm it snowed for a few minutes.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, ran up and down the hill carrying 5lbs in each hand, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for five minutes.

Thursday 12- bad weather.
I was woken up with a flash bang as a bolt of lightning lit up my bedroom through thick dark curtains!!!
A snow storm came through our area and lightning hit on or near my house blowing out my DC to AC inverter on my solar! Last night when it was snowing a little bit I went and checked the U.S. National Weather Service and their website said nothing about rain/hail/snow/lightning/thunder; now there is continuous rain falling today!
The rain let up some time around 1pm. From somewhere around 8am to 12:30 pm it snowed short spell and then rained for the rest of the time; didn't see that coming at all. I took apart the 1200 watt inverter and it is fried. I am running on a 300 watt but that won't power the fridge. I ordered a new inverter and it should be here on Monday. I'll run my Honda Generator for a few hours to keep things cold in the fridge.
Kelly’s internet was down and I went to her house and fixed it.

Friday 13- actually it was sunny and into the 60s!
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, ran a mile and a half with 1.5lbs around each wrists, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.
I found out the new inverter I ordered was shipped UPS and then they dropped it off at the post office instead of dropping it off at my house. Now I'll have to drive about 35 miles round trip to and from the post office... I am not very happy with UPS.
I ran the Honda Generator for about four hours to keep the food cold in my fridge.
I did my stretches, lifted 10lb dumbbells and went for my evening walk with my backpack.
I updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and sent out the Newsletter.
I did my stretches, lifted 20lb dumbbells, and went for a night run.
I read some of my astronomy book trying to get caught up by the end of the year.
I practiced my guitar.

Saturday 14- clear and not very cold or I am getting used to it
I did my stretches.
I went to visit Jimmy and Clorice at Stoney’s, they are up for the weekend, and had a nice visit with them; Roger and Johnny were also there. We sat around the kitchen table and yammered on and on for a quite a long spell. I then went to my mailbox on Lear Ave to pick up my USPS delivery notice for the inverter that UPS was supposed to drop off at my house.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Week******

Gentle on the mind rests sunny days and springs flowers, be gone with this foul weather lest be frozen to the marrow of our deepest sorrows and touched by the icy fingers of death ending our days in the grayish misty gloom of winter's wrath.
~Robert DeLoyd

Cameras are our wayback machine. I see old pics of friends and get a tingly feeling deep inside, ya know a kind of reminiscing of something lost, but also the happiness of living it. The good times with the women I have loved and still love, and despite their older age are still beautiful to me. Of crazy friends who have lived and partied hard and are now gone to earth (mostly because of their craziness).
I can look at old pics, any old photo taken recently or deep in the past and write a story of the people and what they were doing. Imagination is a powerful tool.
Please tell me a story of what you see in this picture. Put yourself inside the crowd and write something:


Sunday 15- fairly nice day.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, core trainer and punched the heavybag for two minutes.
Jimmy and Clarice stopped by on their way back home to wish me well and give me a bag of goodies that contained cookies and chocolate covered peanut butter balls they make at home every year; kinda a Stonebraker family tradition.
I got all caught up with my TV shows that I watch on the internet, “Castle” and “Elementary”.

Monday 16- warm.
I did my stretches.
FedEx dropped off Kelly’s prescription for her pills that I will pick up. She is sick in bed with the flu, hasn’t had hot water for over a week, had her water turned off for two days as Andrew works on replacing the very old rotten pipes that finally burst. I picked up the USDA groceries for Kelly and Roger over at Chris’s house; his carburetor was messing up and he had to drive right home and couldn’t drop them off at my house.
I drove to the 29 Palms post office to pick up my two inverters I ordered. Then I went to Rite Aid to get Kelly’s pills and waited there for an hour or so for them to get filled. I picked up some food supplies for Kelly and her critters at Staters. Stopped by at the Chinese takeout to get some dinner.
Andrew was still working on the pipes when I got back around 4pm. I dropped off her pills, food and the Chinese and then went to Roger’s to give him his USDA. I finally go back to Kelly’s to eat some Chinese food when I had to help Andrew finish up on a few loose ends; no water to the toilet and bathroom sink. With everything almost all done Andrew left a little bit after 8pm and Kelly and I watched a few episodes of Merlin and ate our Chinese food.

Tuesday 17- actually quite nice, but I stayed in bed with sore throat.
I woke up with a slight sore throat just like I did last Tuesday. I think I’ll start calling this sore throat Tuesdays.
I hooked up the new 1100 watt inverter and it was DOA and will have to send it back to Amazon. Hooked up the new 300 watt inverter I bought at the same time as a backup and works just fine, but won’t run the fridge, which I knew, but I didn’t know it wouldn’t run my laser printer when I went to print out the return notice for Amazon that’s supposed to go back with the box; I had to use the generator for that.

Wednesday 18- cold and windy here.
I did my stretches and yoga.
UPS to my surprise arrived and picked up the bad inverter and took it back to Amazon where I received a refund for it the next night!

Thursday 19- rain all day.
I did my stretches.
I took Kelly shopping to Vons and Walmart and that took eight hours. I was really exhausted afterwards. I bought a tree to setup at her house and she says she is going to cook a real Christmas dinner; I hope I don’t have to wait until 11pm to eat it. We had to load everything in the pouring rain.

Friday 20- Saturday 14-  cold and windy.
I did my stretches...
FedEx arrived with a Christmas care package from my friend Bonnie Tilley-Khan.
I went over to Kelly’s to put the tree up. I had to use a big bucket because WalMart didn’t have any tree stands; it worked!
I became very sick in my stomach. The next two days or three are blurry so I copied a message I wrote to a FaceBook friend: 
It came sometime Friday morning? (this part I am not sure about) I had to rush over to help a friend and I got really bad abdominal pains and came back home; maybe a gallbladder attack. I laid there for several hours in complete agony thinking I would be no more and never finish my books I am writing; that's when I remembered the alka seltzer you packed away for me in the box. I opened the package and looking at all the fine cookies and candies and stuff I couldn't eat right now. I was a man on a mission! I found the seltzer at the bottom and took two; which provided a little relief and took a couple more a few hours later. The pain still is with me but not as server as last night. I had hardly any sleep. Tell Doc Kitty thanks! I can't wait till I feel better to dig into the goodies... Thank you Bonnie Tilley-Khan and Doc Kitty!

And another version I wrote someone else:
I got really sick Friday night and I thought I wasn't going to make it... my stomach hurt really bad, maybe a gallbladder attack or a bacteria, something anyways and it completely shut me down. I couldn't hardly get out of bed I was so dizzy. Maybe it was food poisoning... I was awake all last night thinking I'd never finish my books I am writing. I finally got to sleep at around 9 or so in the morning and when I woke up the pain was mostly gone and so was the day. So there are two things in my life I need to do and one is to complete writing my books.

So like I said I was completely out of it.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Week******

I have many Muslim friends. I have many Christian friends. I have many Jewish friends as well. I love each and every one of them. I am non religious because I feel there is a better way of life instead of falling into the Hate Traps men have conceived and constructed throughout the millenniums for their gain of riches and power by controlling the minds of their followers. People with hate in their hearts try to divide us. Please reject that hate, reject anyone with hate in their hearts; just walk away from the haters. Be you Muslim, Christian or Jew reject hate and those who teach and preach it! May we all live in Peace, because that's what God wants.
Seasons Greetings!

My dear friend where have you been? You are not sailing the oceans with their waves rolling high, you were not in the forest where the elves dance and hide. You are not in the glen where the stream fills the lake. You are not writing poems of cookies and cakes. Where shall we find you we do not know, maybe when spring flowers replace the white winter snow?


Sunday 22- sunny day!
I am feeling like crap but got a call to come help Andrew fix Kelly’s hot water heater. We got everything hooked up right so there is no hot water going to the toilet. I went back home to bed.

Monday 23- another sunny day!
I am still feeling weak from being sick.
I finally felt capable enough to updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and send out the Newsletter; a little late but it is done.

Tuesday 24- sunny with a few clouds.
Me and Kelly went shopping to get last minute Christmas items from Rite Aid and a few from Staters. We even bought lists and stuff to hang from the tree. Kelly already had the candied yams prepared and a few other things so we wouldn’t have to get everything done on Christmas and not have to wait until 11pm to eat.

Wednesday 25- sunny!
I called Family and Friends to wish them a Merry Christmas.
At 2pm I went to get the turkey over at Stoney’s. I had taken it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge on Saturday. I was expecting to see blood dripping in the fridge I’d have to clean up, but sadly and to my surprise the dang turkey was still frozen solid! It took us six hours to cold water defrost the dang bird and then almost four hours to cook it. We finally ate around 1am the day after Christmas. I came prepared with Bonnie Tilley-Khan cookies she sent to me and we munched on them throughout the day :)
Kelly cooked everything from scratch and worked very hard getting the Christmas dinner together. She is a very fine cook and I thought it was one of the best Christmas meals I’ve ever eaten.  

Thursday 26-  clouds and a little breeze.
Too dang tired from Christmas to do anything and mostly slept throughout the day.

Friday 27- overcast and cool.
Can’t say I did much except I did my stretches.

Saturday 28- sunny and nice; I wish the weather would make up its mind.
I did my stretches,
I cooked up my special rice and bean Mexican thingy and got it ready for potluck today. Dyan Carroll  made fresh tacos cooked right there on the spot and she also made a cherry tart pie that disappeared very quickly. Mary and Chris Koval worked very hard baking there Holiday Cupcake supreme, orange jello and enchilada casserole which was mighty tasty. Not to be outdone Dorothy Jacobsen made a Sauerkraut Christmas Salad from an old family recipe kept in an old vault in the basement of her home for many generations predating the neolithic era. Chris Jonas made his world famous award winning macaroni salad. There must have been around twenty some folks showing up including Gordon and Linda Ficke who live down by Border Avenue.
I went over to Kelly’s to bring her leftovers from potluck. She had started putting lights on the Christmas tree.

Sunday 29- sunny but windy day.
I called Family and Friends. There are some personal family health problems I feel are private and don’t mention in my journal posts. This one has me worried but I am sure things will work out okay.

Monday 30- another nice day out here in the desert!
I did my stretches.
I loaded up a spare Win7 disk I had onto my old Toshiba laptop that was running XP very badly. Win XP will come to the end of support in April I believe and it wasn’t worth loading XP again if it would run Win7; which it did.

Tuesday 31- very nice day.
Well here we are at the end of the year again.
My goal this New Year is inviting my friends to make the world a better place by rejecting anyone of any religion, corporation, political candidate, or leader of any party, group, government entity or organization who harbors hatred in their hearts for others different than they; be it race, sex, financial status or ideology. Reject hate and make the world a better place. Just walk away from them, tune them out of your lives and they will lose their power; hate needs followers so please don't become one!

Also finish the rest of my books I have to edit and publish so I can move on to some other endeavors or continue to write; maybe both. There is a Spanish course I need to start. I need to keep up my exercises. There are several other things I want to study and complete; a course on geology, drawing art, and finish some songs I’ve been working on. I still need to get out of my shell here in the desert and do some traveling.
I will go for my run tonight; to run out the 2013 and run into 2014. I may record it and put the video on Youtube and Facebook.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Week******

Well you took your time to find me! I've been waiting patiently for you up here, ready to hand you a hot mug of coffee to warm your inner soul. Now go shake off that cold and wet and hang your coat on the hook by the door. Stand and warm your hands over the cast iron oven where the smell of hot fresh bread is now baking and there's plenty of butter to spread. I am the lighthouse keeper, I brave the waves of storms. I keep the passage safe, I keep all those who dare to sail these perilous seas from harm. It is a lonely job, but the duty must be done or else sailing ships shall run aground on those rocky shores below. Their hulls shall break and drift apart to sink and be no more. I am glad you took the time to journey into a dream of realms; for imagination once forgotten be a life spent collecting material possessions, which you may find has taken over your helm. ~Robert DeLoyd

Be original... limit your quotes from others and speak for yourself of what you feel and mean...  Step out onto that brittle branch of creativity and be ready to break away and soar high and free, as others shall surely cut down this tree of knowledge which has fed them and seek the truth no more.
~Robert DeLoyd

May the Sun and Stars be our guides on a journey lasting forever in the imagination of our minds. We shall climb the highest mountains, we will sail the grandest seas, we shall become like fish and dive to depths where treasures there must be. We will blast off from Canaveral, our journey has yet begun, to reach the farthest spaces and head out past our Sun. We shall travel quick, we shall travel far, we shall break the speed of thought. Zipping past Tau Ceti Prime, our target we shall find, and be amazed for what we sought has been with us all the time.   :)
~Robert DeLoyd

We got to string the tree
with ornaments so bright
that they'll hang from the branches
and glow through the night
to guide a man in a sled
while we sleep soundly in bed
to our humble home
where he’ll be fed
cookies and cream
and be on his way
to other homes
where good children eagerly dream
of packages to be ripped opened
and toys to be played
on that special morning
called Christmas Day.
We gots cranberry sauce ah cooking
we'll bake cookies candies and pies
with stuffing galore
a feast befitting a lofty king’s eyes
We'll have the plump bird ready
to cook in the morn
be ready to eat
on the table adorned
with candles alit
bowels of sweet yams and string beans do await
along with slices of turkey to jump onto our plates
as we reach for baked buns running with butter and honey
we can also be greedy with whipped potatoes covered in gravy
there'll be plenty to eat
there'll be plenty to share
may we sleep through Christmas night
without any care
and dream well wishes for all
to have a wondrous New Year

~Robert DeLoyd