Friday, April 29, 2005

My Southbay Vacation

I just got back from a mini-vacation to the South Bay where I took care of my friend’s, Jeanne Kula and Tom Merritt, cats at their nice home located on the hillside of a canyon in Palos Verdes. I visited some old friends and old haunts while I was there. A lot has changed since I’ve visited some 5 years ago: more people, more cars, and more buildings.
I had parked by the ocean to watch the sunset, but when I prepared to leave my truck wouldn’t start. I called a towing service for a jump. In a while a tow rig arrived and a beautiful Goth lady stepped out of the cab and gave me a jump. I said to her,’ pardon me but I don’t want to sound sexist but I’ve never seen a women tow truck driver before.’
It was nice to git away for a while and git a new perspective on things. As I returned to the High Desert I smelled the distinct fragrance of the Grease Woods on a rainy day and I knew I was coming home.

My Dad the Tennis Pro in front of the family home. Posted by Hello

Jeanne and Tom's Home Posted by Hello

Rocky the Squirrel Posted by Hello

The very successful Tom Merritt Posted by Hello

My beautiful friend Jeanne Kula Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

A cactus flower on the trail in 49 Palms. Posted by Hello

My friend Ron Dehart and I took a hike over to 49 Palms Oasis. Its around 3 miles round trip, but seems farther. There are many Barrel Cactus and wild flowers scattered over the terrain, so be sure you take a camera. The nicest part of the hike is when you finally arrive at the Oasis where there are pools of water and a very small running creek to soak yer feet. Hiking time is about 2-3 hours, more if ya stop and take a lot of pictures like we did. Starting point is the parking area at end of Canyon Road, 4 miles west of Twentynine Palms off Hwy 62.
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Me and Ron Dehart on the trail in 49 Palms Posted by Hello