Sunday, August 02, 2015

July 2015

Wednesday 01 thru Tuesday 07
I started getting back into the swing of things after volunteering them long hours at the Lake Fire. I’ve been doing “lite” exercises (I decided to add lite instead of light because it makes more sense and English is a dynamic language anyways). It seems those eleven days took more out of me than I expected. I have to remember I’m not twenty-four anymore.

Wednesday 08-
Cassie and I went to Sherry’s house so she can play in the backyard with Willie, Abby and Willie while me and Sherry went to the Sizzler for lunch and then shopping for supplies.

Thursday 09 thru Sunday 12
I started editing “The Scalloped Edge” again. I had did a little bit before but needed to finish editing  “The Girl in the Cellar” which is the second book in the Copper Mountain Mesa series. “A little Desert Home” being the first.
I consistently did my exercises every day. I started feeling  pain in my muscles on Sunday and thought it was due to exercising too much.

Monday 13-  after I did all my exercises for that day I felt ill and on Tuesday I ran a temperature of over a 100 and slept most of the day. I canceled my dentist appointment for Thursday. Wednesday I did about the same, resting and staying in bed, but started feeling a bit better on Thursday after sweating it out in bed. On Friday I took Cassie for a couple of walks.

I get this alert over my cell beeping madly saying that there's a big dust storm headed my way. This is what the sky looked like...
Robert Deloyd's photo.

Here is what the sky looked like about 15 minutes later and moving closer really fast!
Robert Deloyd's photo.

Saturday 18- it rained all day long and into the night.
I was able to complete my morning exercises before it started raining. It started out with lighting and thunder that got so close to my home I could almost see the bones in my hand when I held it up to look at the electric skies. I had to disconnect my inverter to prevent it from being zapped like one did in another lightning storm last year. Then it rained all through the day darn day. I missed movie night at the community center. I think they went ahead and had it inside, but I’m still recovering from a cold and I’m not sure they’d allow Cassie inside the center. Once the lightning went by I reconnected the inverter and watched some videos on Python programing and some others on HTML and CSS webdesign.

Sunday 19- it was all bright and sunny so I put on my running shoes and took Cassie out for a run.

Monday 20- rained again.
Started again trying to edit “The Scalloped Edge” but ended up getting lost on the Internet of things.

Tuesday 21- windy with temps into the high 90s.
I did all my morning, afternoon and evening exercises.

A comment I wrote in response to an announcement for a new and “Better” Tablet...
To tell you the truth I am Tableted out… I have way too many tablets as it is and I will not go looking at anything new for a long spell… maybe in the next two years I might start looking to buy another, but right now the ones I own have and do everything I need. I have 4 Apples (the oldest I gave away), HP Stream 8 (that I like because it came with 200MB a month of T-Mobile for life), a Dell 8” that had problems from the get go, Lenovos, ASUS 8″ K011 (I like that one too), a Toshiba, Nexus 4 (mostly a phone but I use it like a tablet), Samsung Tab 2 and a whole bunch of others.
Seems like tablets grew too fast and I tried to keep up with the new this and that. Tablets have hit a barrier where there just isn’t that much new to add.
I found I really don’t like the 7″ ones but I like the 6″ and 8″ ones. But saying that I bought a Amazon Fire HD 7 just because it has the dang speakers separated so you can actually get stereo sound out of the darn thing, why other manufacturers haven’t done this is beyond me. Also while I’m ranting, why do they make tablets  so they’ll slip right out of your hands and onto the floor. The Amazon HD 7″ and 6″ ain’t made that way, in fact they’re pretty well built. Except for having a lousy user interface and no SD slot they’d be my choice.
I’d like to take all that’s good about each of my many tablets and throw them into a pot and with my magic wand create the one just right for me.
So if something new comes out between now and 2 years it better have an artificial intelligent that can hold a critical conversation with me (and I ain’t talking Siri, Cortana, Google or Alexa), cause otherwise I ain’t interested!

Wednesday 22- very windy, again with temps into the high 90s.

Thursday 23- clear with a light breeze and temps just over 100.
I did all my exercises throughout the day with Cassie tagging along.

I am trying something new call Haiku "a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables", and an App called Notegraphy for the background:
Robert Deloyd's photo.

Friday 24- temps around 100 degrees.
I had it all planned out in advance how I would spend the day. I had to get the Mercury Cougar smogged, a dentist appointment at 2pm and then to do some shipping at Stater Bros to load up on supplies. This was the order I had planned to do them. I figured it’d take an hour or more to get the car smogged; not so because there wasn’t any customers waiting and it took only 10 minutes. So here I am at 11:30 with two and a half hours to kill. I did my shopping very slowly and chatted with the employees working there as I shopped; I was in a very good mood having passed the smog test. It came to be 1pm and I didn’t want to keep the food I bought in the car so I drove to the dentist office where they would have just came back from and the door would be open. I carried my thermo lined bags of cold food into the office so they wouldn’t be exposed to the heat of the car sitting in the harsh sun. I actually got seen by the dentist early and was back home a little after 2pm to let Cassie out of her pin in my bedroom.

Saturday 25- temps around 102.
I gotten so into whatever I was doing that I forgot all about potluck at the community center. I was eating some leftover chicken around 6pm when it hit me that it was the last Saturday of the month.
Peggy calls to tell me to be on the lookout for two male boxer dogs that came over to her home but left.
Robert Deloyd's photo.
Later in the night I heard Cassie barking and went out to investigate and found one of the boxers and let him into the yard and put him in the dog pen.

Sunday 26- temps around 103.
I found the other boxer outside my gate wanting to be with his brother I guess. I let him in. I couldn’t get him into the pen and the other smaller boxer got out of the pen and they were both running around. I had to separate from the two males- they were giving her chase and she was running around with her tail between her legs.

Peggy sends out this email to everyone in the world:
“Two male boxers found in Copper Mountain Mesa 7/26. Brown and white. No collars. Not fixed. Need to find owners or maybe a temporary foster home.
Both appear trained, friendly and non-aggressive.
Bob Deloyd has both dogs right now and agreed to hold them until the shelter is open Tuesday 11am. But someone just informed me that the shelter wants money if you bring in a dog, which I don't have.
I posted them as "found" on Palm Springs Craigslist and on KCDZ Cruising Critters. No one has put them there as "Lost" : (
If anyone knows someone who lost or had stolen (or if someone can maybe foster) these very nice purebred dogs, please let me know.
Any help is appreciated. We will find out if they are chipped tomorrow.”

Later when the sun was low in the sky and it was cooler I went outside to play with the dogs. The Owner sees me playing with boxer dogs turns around and picks them up! Robert Deloyd's photo.
The owner was very happy to get them back and told me to thank you all. I told him all that we had done and what we had planned to do tomorrow. He said he'd make sure it wouldn't happen again.

Monday 27 to Tuesday 28-
Working on my book "The Scalloped Edge"... lots of editing to do!

Wednesday 29 to Thursday 30- Big fricken storm!

Just Before Storm... you can see it coming our way:
Robert Deloyd's photo.
Another storm is coming our way right now!
I'll probably be losing internet pretty soon...

And I was going to go to town today.
More Big Storm!
There were WAVES coming down Winters Road!!!!

It blew down one old abandoned house. The electric and internet was out and the cell tower nearby got spotty and calls were dropped.

Had a big storm come through here and lost internet and just came back on... the community lost power and are just getting it back on now. The internet is going in and out and can't post pics or video yet... maybe later.... 
Thursday wasn't as bad but there was a whole lot of lightning and some rain.

Friday 31- no storms but lots of humidity!
I did my morning exercises but it was too hot and muggy to do anything afterwards.

Sometimes I like to speculate on stuff that has no answers yet. Here is an article I was reading and thought I might look into it:
Over the past year, there's been a whole lot of excitement about the electromagnetic propulsion drive, or EM Drive - a scientifically impossible engine...

***** Stuff I Wrote this Month******

So fair this lass and in her prime for she held the reins to my heart and mind. Down on the parapet outside our bedroom we would sit with lantern lit and wait for darkness to unfold. Then we gaze into infinity’s eyes of what we call the starry skies. But this night she fell asleep a sleep so deep she slipped from chair to floor. I carried her to our bed of rabbit furs and goose stuffed quilts where our cat lie in comfort ever content.  Hold tight the bedsheets my love, I yelled, cause the angels have come to spirit you away. I beat them back their attack as I do for every night, cause what may be a soul so pure does not belong in the presence of me.

I am trying something new call Haiku "a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables", and an App called Notegraphy for the background...
A Haiku:  
Thought lost in the past / we write our words become on / if very nicely done

Another Haiku
boat drift softly about / then a big wave comes and breaks / a sinking feeling

I miss the fog more than anything else from the coast except for the many memories that fill my mind with sensations of wind brushing against my cheeks as it fills my sails, the smell of salt spray as the bow breaks over and past yet another crest on our way to the island.

You can be just as alone in the desert as you can be in a city surrounded by millions.

Changing one's life can change one's perception of the world. If change is what you seek the world around you is changing all the time.

I think of all the advances in science and technology in our lifetimes we have witnessed and it awes me to no end. But we have so much work to do on the social, environmental and political levels that if not solved may carry us all into a deeper and darker dark age than in the past.

May you have an awe inspiring fantastically marvelous spiritually enlightening meaningful life. Open doors to realms others fear. Sail beyond the sunset to stand upon the distant shores of faraway lands. Climb the highest mountains to shout down to the world below, "I am not like you". Never become complacent. Always question everything.  Dream, create and then cast your thoughts into words planting seeds in minds so others can absorb and question your visions. Build great long lasting friendships with people whose talents challenge you and you theirs. Never try to become like anyone else because you cannot be anyone else but you. May you find peace, happiness and meaning in your life.

It came from the sky!
The call came at night just after sunset to the Copper Mountain Mesa Police Department dispatch center. The new rookie Ami Ven was the only officer on shift at the time patrolling the town in an old 1974 Dodge Charger squad car. The city council wouldn’t approve the cost of any newer vehicles. The “Muscle Car” was like something out of an old ‘70s police TV show like Starsky and Hutch, Ami felt. Maybe she should wear her hair like Farrah Fawcett did back then. These old squad cars were kept running in perfect condition by Frank, a 59 year old master mechanic and part time fellow officer, who loved tinkering with anything mechanical.
“There’s several reports of a UFO flying in the skies in the vicinity of Winters Road and Bourland Pass,” announced the dispatcher’s voice over the squad car’s police radio.
“I’m on it. Be there in ten minutes,” was Ami’s excited reply. She has heard of UFOs being seen out in the desert and now was her chance to really observe one. She then punched the “pedal to the metal” for the first time ever in this ancient jalopy and was surprised to be thrown and pinned against the driver’s seat as the old Charger’s highly modified engine gulped fuel down its Holley four barrel carburetor to turn it into 450 plus horsepower. Rocketing down the road at eye watering speeds she arrived at the scene in five minutes.
She found the folks of this small desert community standing around in awe watching a small object zip across the sky, and then making loop de loops as if showing off.  Some spectators came excitedly up to her squad car as she opened the driver’s door with the emblem CMMP painted on its side.
“Do you see it?” asked one.
“Look it’s looping around again and now shooting off across the sky at tremendous speeds,” explained another.
Always the skeptic, Ami left the crowd of awed spectators and headed off in the direction of the object. She walked a quarter of a mile to where she found a string tied to a fence post. She cut it and the kite attached drifted off into the night sky never to do a loop de loop or fly across the night skies at tremendous speeds again.
Ami walked back to the crowd still gathered waiting for the “UFO” to return and Ami Ven didn’t say one word to them about it only being a kite.