Monday, February 03, 2014

February 2014

Saturday 01- another cold and windy day outside.
I did my stretches. It was too windy outside to do my 1.5 mile run so I thought I’d try something new from this video I saw earlier in the week: 12 burpees, 45sec of high knees, 45sec standing knee to opposite elbow, 45sec of alternating uppercuts, 45sec side to side cross jabs and 45sec of pile squat jump and tap which I was only able to do ten. I just might start doing these of Saturdays.
I spent the next couple of hours yammering away at Friends and Family who would answer their phones or don’t have caller ID.
I was just finished feeding the doves and about to start writing a book of poems folks have requested I do when I was interrupted by whimpering and whining from outside. I found these to dalmation pups, a male and female, inside my yard. They were both scared of me and would sit up everytime a car drove by and wag their tails and then cry when the cars would drive by; makes me think they were abandoned.I hope they weren't abandoned, but we get a lot of them out here. All the dogs and cats I ever had out here were abandoned. They do look well looked after, but no tags on their collars. I finally got them to trust me and after a spell had them come in the house. They went directly to my bedroom and took over my bed.
If you know if anyone has lost a pair of dalmatians and isn't the evil lady Cruella De Vil... let me know please.
I contacted Peggy and she quickly brought over some dog food which was most appreciated. I put up a notice on FaceBook to let folks know that I had the pups and maybe they’d know the owners. Peggy called me later and said she might have an idea and would let me know later after she called our friend Nancy.
I put newspaper down so they’d have a place to pee, but they woke me up at 6am Sunday morning. I figured they needed to go take a pee, so I put on my socks and was about to put on my shoes when I stepped in a puddle of pee and got both socks soaked... to be continued next week...


Sunday 02- sunny but cold.
I am so tired; like I predicted they woke me up at dawn wanting out. Just got done cleaning all the pee up in the house; they didn't understand about using the newspaper I put down for them... I'm going to take a nap right now...
The lady who breeds them got in touch with me through Peggy who knew someone (Nancy) who might know who they belonged to and that's how it happened and the breeder came to collect both dogs. She said a bolt had gotten loose and fallen off a gate letting all her dogs loose. She got all of them except the ones who came into my yard. She and her friends frantically drove around that night looking for the two escapees. I told her I really bonded with them and she said that the male was already spoken for but I could have the female for a price. Then she thought for a quick second and then said I could have her! She figured that was how the universe meant it to be and I was supposed to have Cassie. That was mighty nice of her and she came by later with some food and the papers for Cassie. All is well now, all is right again with the world.
Meet Cassie! She's a little over 4 months 09/23/2013.
Peggy came by with a bigger bag of dog food and a chew toy she and Nancy chipped in for.
I still gots lots to do. I got to get everything that is under the sink that is toxic and put it somewheres where she can't get to them... more stuff to do.... lots more!
I put the wet newspaper that I used to soak up some some of the pee and put it under some new newspaper so Cassie might get the hint.
This I hope will work until we can get a routine going...

Monday 03- dang cold, but mostly sunny.
I got up maybe three times during the night to let Cassie out. Two of the times she just wanted attention, but the last at 3am she let it pour which made me very happy and I told her so; I think it was Peggy who told me to exaggerate being happy when they pee in the right place.  I am letting her sleep with me for the first few nights or so; I’m finding out that a large puppy will take up a third of the bed. I slept the night with my butt hanging out from under the covers, plus I slept in an awkward position and my body ached for most of the day. When we finally woke around 9am I took her for a nice walk around the property.
By the way Venus is very bright in the eastern sky at around 4am! Everyone who knows me well can tell you I’m definitely not a morning person; I haven’t seen a sunrise in a long spell.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes. I then took Cassie for another walk.
I entertained Cassie throughout the day; puppies need lots of attention.
We went for an evening walk together.
I started reading chapter three of “Physical Geology: Earth Revealed 6th edition”; The Sea Floor.
I continued reading chapter 1 of “The Cell: a Molecular Approach”; Tools of Cell Biology: Light Microscopy.
We went for a night walk up the hill kinda sorta.
I started reading chapter 1.4 Earth’s Orbital Motion in “Astronomy Today; Fifth Edition”: day to day changes, diurnal motion and sidereal day- 3.9 minutes a day. I’d go deeper into this but I’m just too dang worn out by puppy love!

Tuesday 04- nice day.
Cassie woke me up at 6:00am to be let out so we went for a little walk and she did her business. I went back to bed until she woke me again at 9:30am so we went for another walk.
I did my stretches.
I was online last night looking for dog kennel and found one I think will be very nice for her at Home Depot. I called and they said they had it in stock at the back of aisle 15. It hurt to make the drive down there and listen to her crying inside the house when I drove off. I had daymares of all kinds of dangerous things happening to her while I was gone; anything she broke or chewed could be replaced, no problem because she will only be a puppy once in her life. It took me about an hour and a half to drive down to get the dog kennel, stop off at WalMart to get a ton of dog food and treats; I even got a roasted chicken to share with her.
When I got back to the house everything was quiet and that kinda worried me, but as soon as I opened the door I was met with tail wagging puppy and everything was okay. We ate some of the chicken and I took her for a walk. I’m just too worn out to assemble the dog run today and still have to find a nice place to put it.

Wednesday 05- a little breezy and cold, but okay; I think about my poor friends back east going through a really dreadful winter, so I really have nothing to complain about.
I did my stretches and Cassie and I walked a mile and a half; this is after being woken up several times during the night.
It took me a little over an hour to put together the dog kennel. It took longer getting it out of the car and lugging it over to where it was to be put together.
We finished off the roasted chicken from yesterday lunch.
Today was mostly “no” day for Cassie. I said no to her many times; no Cassie don’t eat that, no Cassie the wood stove is hot, no Cassie that’s disgusting spit it out... She did pee on the newspaper and I told her she was a good girl!
I took Cassie for an evening walk with me.
I entertained Cassie until we went for a night walk where I found out she is afraid of the dark and fought hard not to go up the hill. I will try doing this at sunset to get her used to it.

Thursday 06- cloudy and windy with a chance of rain; it didn’t.
This is the first time my Cassie woke me up to go outside to pee and she did it again later on by standing by the front door wanting to get out to pee. So all that jumping up and down, giving her treats and saying how good a girl she is when she pees outside has paid off!
I took Cassie for a mile and a half run, not walk, this morning. It is easier on me because she doesn’t have the chance to stop to smell something every few yards.
My new Sony laptop froze up again and I had to do a refresh on it that saves all my data (I have that all backed up anyways), but it leaves Win8 at the beginning and I have to do all the updates, reinstall programs, and update the dang thing to Win8.1 again and reinstall MS office. If it wasn’t for MS Office and Word I’d go Linux.
I went on a few short walks with Cassie. I haven’t been able to do much writing anyways because a puppy is a full time job I am finding out.

Friday 07- it turned out to be a very nice day after the sun came out around 11am.
Cassie is getting better at waking me up fewer times and there was only one false call to go pee. I remember it was 4am and then 7am there abouts and there was frost on the ground and the sky was heavy with clouds. I do the jump up and down with joy and praise her for being such a good girl routine and then went back to bed.
She got me up again at 9am and I took her out again and decided to just stay up. We went for a walk around the property and not a mile and a half jog because we were waiting for a UPS package that Carolyn Shaffer sent that was full of doggie toys and treats. UPS arrived around noon time and I opened the box and let Cassie dig around inside until she ripped open a bag of treats which I quickly took away from her but gave her one of the treats. Included in the box was a book for me to read on how to train a dog. (Thank you Carolyn!)
I started the Harley on its weekly warm up to keep everything working including charging the battery. Cassie didn’t like the loud noise coming from the short tailpipes; I’ll put her in the house next time I run it.
We went for our evening walk, but this time I had the doggie treats with me which made it a little better controlling her; she can drag me around on the walk if I let her. Once I get a proper harness, so she doesn’t choke herself to death pulling me, then I’ll start training her to heel. I figure right now she is a pup exploring the world and I let her have her way mostly; she saw her first butterfly today!
I gave her a nice brush down with one Carolyn thoughtfully included in the package and Cassie really liked it.
She made me take her out two times to pee (I talk a lot about peeing but it’s really important she learn to do it outside and not inside, plus it’s a sign she’s learning).
Later in the night she was barking up a storm at the front door like someone was out there and I went to check, but found no one. It turned out to be my hat and jacket hanging by hooks on the door that spooked her. I moved them around to show her what they really were and she simmered down. Then we played with the rope toy for quite a long spell.

Saturday 08- a dang nice day.
Cassie has taken up sleeping behind my head with her nose nuzzled between pillow and my ear for the past two nights. I don’t mind but I think I’ll start looking for a larger bed.
It was another 4am wakeup call to go outside to go pee.
Sherry came by with doggie toys and a nice bed for Cassie.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for eight minutes. I went for a short cool off walk afterwards with Cassie. We went on three more walks throughout the day.
I put Cassie in the dog kennel while I cleaned the house and mopped the floor. She would be whining and whimpering and I’d go out about every fifteen minutes to sit inside and give her treats. It really hurts me to hear her in the kennel carrying on like she is being torture by some evil person (me). I know she will get used to it and I also won’t leave her in there for long periods unless it is an emergency. I might try putting a radio near the kennel and see how she reacts to that.
Later in the evening we went over to visit Jimmy and Clarice who are out here visiting over at Stoney’s. I took Cassie for her first car ride and she behaved mighty fine and just sat on the passenger side for the ride. Their little male dog Mickey (fixed) was a little hyper and so was Cassie when we first went into the kitchen, but everyone settled down and we stayed visiting for over two hours or so. I was so happy (and surprised) that Cassie handled it so well, though I had to pick her up and put her inside the car when we left. We got home and once I let her out of the car she found a spot and peed more than I’ve ever seen her pee; meaning she held it in all that time we were visiting.
I have learned a lot my first week with Cassie and also found I have many wonderful Friends, here in the desert and online at FaceBook, who really are a kindly caring bunch of folks and I want to give my heartfelt thanks to them for making my life “Mystical again”...
I posted this on FaceBook:
I have the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. I was thinking just yesterday how blessed I am to have so many beautiful wonderful Friends such as all of you  And I live in a desert ways away from most anything! Who would have thunk?


Sunday 09- sunny with high winds and temps around 75 degrees.
Two late night outings at 2 and 6am for me and Cassie.
I woke up with a sore throat probably from the winds and took a Benadryl and been lazy all day. I still did my stretches, yoga and the core trainer. Then me and Cassie went for a nice walk.

Monday 10- a very nice dry day temps still in the 70s.
Only one late night outing at 3am for me and Cassie. Really drowsy from the Benadryl I took last night. Still have the sore throat but not as bad as yesterday.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for eight minutes. Then me and Cassie went for a nice walk.

Tuesday 11- a fine day with a bit of clouds overhead.
Cassie got me up very early to go outside. I took her to her favorite spots; funny how she has certain places picked out in the yard to do certain “Things”. The sky started to brighten casting shadows from our hill as the sun crested she started barking at something toward the east and I couldn’t figure out what it may be. As the sun rose higher to reveal its shining splendor Cassie barked even louder. It was her first dawn ever for it be the sun she barked upon. We went back inside and she let me sleep until 10am.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for eight minutes. Then me and Cassie went for a nice walk; we went on many walks this fine day.

Wednesday 12- a little breezy and cold, but okay;
Today I took Cassie for a visit to my friend Sherry's house. She has four big dogs all fix; 2 males and 2 females. After a long spell of smelling everyone got along fine. We went to get lunch and left Cassie there to mingle with the other dogs.
When we got back from eating lunch/dinner at SHAOS ASIAN BUFFET in Yucca Valley I got Cassie and was taking her to the car when the collar slipped off. Sherry gave me a choke collar to use. I immediately saw it wasn't a good idea using one when trying to get her into the car. I stopped off at the pet store and bought her a harness. Works real nice! :)

Thursday 13- nice day with temps at 87 degrees!
I did my stretches, yoga, and went on a mile and a half run with Cassie.
I took Cassie down to the Animal Action League to get her a microchip ID and a rabies shot. I had all the paperwork filled out, but they wanted cash. So I had to put Cassie back in the car and drive to Sam’s Market in JT and use their ATM and drove back. So everything is taken care of except the spay and I made a call to their message machine asking for an appointment to have the deed done.

Friday 14- a HOT 87 degrees!
I did my stretches.
We had a big day today... had to take Kelly to her doctors in Palm desert and then to her shopping and get her pills. We left at 11:30am and I got back home with Cassie at 10pm... I am so dang tired right now and Cassie has collapsed on the couch. While I waited for Kelly at the doctor’s, Cassie and me would walk around the big humongous park that had a large pond with ducks and lots of shade trees. Then we’d go and wait for her at other various stores where she went shopping. Adults and kids would come up asking to pet her.

Saturday 15- a nice sunny day and a little cooler than yesterday.
I did my stretches, yoga, core trainer and ran a mile and a half with Cassie.
Kelly maybe has pneumonia and wasn’t very together on what she wanted me to do; was there something I am supposed to get at Rite Aid or was there not. She was incoherent and I decided to just drive over there and maybe take her to the ER or something. No she wants me to pick up some meds at Rite Aid. So by the time we get this all figured out I drive to Rite Aid but the Pharmacy closed at 5pm and I arrived at 5:30, bummer. But I had Cassie with me and she was very good in the car, whined a lot when I left to go inside the store, but otherwise okay.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Week******

Aye it be a foggy windless morn, luff the sails flapping to and fro, as small gray wavelets lapped against our hull, drawing us closer to the rocky shore, of Palos verdes.
~Robert DeLoyd

I will catch a moonbeam for you and hold it in a jar, there it will shine to guide a dream to bring you back to who you really are.
~Robert DeLoyd

Yes and Jupiter lies near the Moon tonight for all to see of distant light, to watch the dance of planets about our skies, to feel as one with all and not alone, beyond veil of sleep may you safely rest, like a babe asleep against its mother's breast.
~Robert DeLoyd

It seems the photographers who post to Palos Verdes Pictures cover the whole South Bay. I've seen beautiful pics of Catalina Island, of San Pedro where I was born and fantastic sunsets where the sun drifts off to distant shores. This is where we lived, where we grew up with memories of the old Fox Theater, putting detergent in the fountain up in PV, the Lady in White who haunts the lighthouse, of all the wonderful magical thrilling things we did in our wild youth. This is where we live when we dream at night.
~Robert DeLoyd

Art, Poetry and Music are a tangible reminder to all that we can exists beyond the want of money and greed on a small planet in turmoil such as ours.
~Robert DeLoyd

I never thought I'd get another dog after my Blackey dug his way out and gotten hit by a car and left on the road to die. This was many years ago and I was in total grief; after that I chose not to ever go through such heartfelt to the bone sorrowful chill that this losing my buddy put me through again... but I blocked it all from my mind, even the good times we've had until just recently when a puppy came into my life; her name is Cassie and she is a 4 month old Dalmatian.

Possible new book?
I was driving west on Interstate 10 as the sun was setting and shining directly in my eyes. I worked the sun visor on the driver’s side, but it was loose and kept slipping into my vision; the passenger visor was missing. I was tired and thirsty from an already eventful ride through the hot desert; changing a flat tire off to the side of a freeway with traffic whizzing by at eighty miles an hour is no easy task. My AC wasn't working and the old car was overheated as it smoked oil, rattled and clanged its way over the next steep hill. Other cars sped by and a few overloaded tractor trailers passed me up. It was time to pull over and soon! Squinting through the sun’s glare I saw an exit ramp ahead with a bullet riddled sign that said "Food and Gas". It was either take this exit or try to make the next seventy five miles to a larger town; I took the exit.

I have the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. I was thinking just yesterday how blessed I am to have so many beautiful wonderful Friends such as all of you  And I live in a desert ways away from most anything! Who would have thunk?


Sunday 16- sunny with temps around 84 degrees.
I did my stretches, yoga, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for eight minutes. Then we went for a mile and a half run through the desert; she gets tired at the end of the run and keeps her mellow until evening.
We went for our evening walk with Cassie leading the way again.
We went went for a night run at 2am.

Monday 17- a very nice dry day temps still in the 70s.
Only one late night outing  in the am for me and Cassie.
I did my stretches, yoga, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for eight minutes. Then we went for a mile and a half run through the desert.
We went for our evening walk.
We went went for a night run at 2am.

Tuesday 18- overcast with temps into the mid 70s.
Cassie got me up around 7pm to go outside, but I walked her around for half an hour without her doing her thing. I know by now that she will wake me up on the hour, and I really need my sleep, so I put her in the dog kennel and slept until 9:30am. I don’t much like putting her in there because she whines, something that hurts me to hear her do. I turn the radio on by the kennel so it will give her some distraction. She’s eventually going to get used to the kennel.
I did my stretches, yoga, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for eight minutes. Then me and Cassie went for a mile and a half run through the desert.
I watered all the plants outside and sprayed Cassie a few times.
We went for our evening walk. I let Cassie take the lead and we explored a different route than I ever had before. We found a few old shacks hidden way back off the road I didn’t know were there; pretty cool!
I updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and sent out the Newsletter. I was a little late (like four days), but fortunately I got an email tonight from a man who lost his dog and asked me to put a notice for the lost dog in the newsletter and on the website, so I did. Good thing I was late updating the website or I wouldn’t have seen his email until next Saturday; I hope he finds his doggy.
We went for a night run at 2am in the morning. Cassie is getting better going out at night; she was scared of the dark when I first got her. Better yet, she waited until 8:30 to wake me up in the morning!

Wednesday 19- high winds today but warm; temps in the low 80s.
I did my stretches and went on a mile and a half run with Cassie.
We went for our evening walk with Cassie again leading the way again.
We went went for a night run at 2am.
Cassie woke me up to go outside at 3:45am, one hour after I went to sleep.

Thursday 20- nice day with temps in the low 70s.
I did my stretches, yoga, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for eight minutes. Then me and Cassie went for a mile and a half run through the desert.
We went for our evening walk.
It was the first time I turned on my TV in months to watch my favorite program Elementary, but it turned out to be a rerun. I was still going to watch it anyways until all of a sudden Cassie started barking at the people moving around on the large screen TV and wouldn't stop until I turned it off. Ha! Living with a dog
We went for a night walk at 1:30am

Friday 21- sunny with highs into the mid 70s and lows down into the 40s.
Cassie woke me up at 7am. I took her outside to let her do her business, but she didn’t want to come back inside so I had to put her inside the kennel. I woke back up at 9:30 and she seemed to be okay and wasn’t whining. I can’t let her run loose in the yard for several reasons, one being that I need to check the yard for snakes and another is I’m afraid she might dig out. Later in the day after I’ve checked the yard I let her run free without supervision for maybe half an hour before I check on her. Most times when I go inside she also follows me in.
I did my stretches and went on a mile and a half run with Cassie.
I tried to giving Cassie a bath; she made me feel like I was some kind of madman. I did get her all soaped up and washed down pretty good, but I need to find a better way. As I opened the front door to go inside and she being soaking wet slipped by me and jumped up on my bed. I just let her be and figured the blankets would eventually dry.
Cassie and I did our evening walk.

Saturday 22- overcast but nice weather.
I did my stretches, yoga, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for eight minutes. Then me and Cassie went for a mile and a half run through the desert.
I updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and sent out the Newsletter.
Drove over to the community center to put up sign that potluck was called off due to illness, not me but a friend who has the keys to open the center up.
Took Cassie for a walk. There were some wildflowers and I thought it would be cool to take her to see them. The only problem was is that she tried to catch the bees when they flew around gathering pollen; the bees didn’t like that and we had to make a hasty escape.
Cassie goes mad over Squeaky Toys!  She ripped out the plastic squeaky thingy in one toy. I got it before she could swallow it and use it to freak her out making her think her main squeaky toy is over by me. Her main squeaky toy has stood the ripping test, but that other one had the stuffing ripped out of it in a matter of days
We went for an evening walk, Jupiter is high in the sky, and all is well.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Week******

I can spend forever editing my writings and finding flaws or something else I can add this or that every time I read them; sometimes, after a while of tinkering, I just have to let them go because life has its flaws and that’s the beauty of life and the universe. We can come as close to perfection as possible, never achieving, only striving for something that doesn't exist but in the minds of the creative artist, poets and dreamers. (I'll probably edit the hell out of this a few times more) ;)
~Robert DeLoyd

An Unexpected Journey:
Thrust thy knife deep into my heart, twist what evils stand us apart. Drawn down upon a heart so bold, to asked the question that must be told.
I stagger, I stumble, my breath comes so shallow. I cross to open casement in musty room, to gaze last time on yonder Moon. Dark blood seeps now from wounds so deep, a puncture to deprive life from me a repugnant beast.
I collapse and lie where I have fallen, my blood soaked shirt, to stain, to spread upon hardwood floor. I peer closely at coarse grain in olden oak boards, last of images I shall view and then no more.
I write my answer with my blood as I depart, like fingerpaints of a young child’s art. It makes no sense now that I can discern visually, for what I have written everybody should know clearly; that life is to be lived and to live is to be free. ~Robert DeLoyd

Ah, most beautiful of lovelies has returned, I yearn to caress thy tender lips, but with pause I seek to nudge and fondle, breasts so ample and so firm, such is the lust of love I have for thee, alluring young maiden by the sea.
~Robert DeLoyd

We should never forget that tomorrow's memories are today's past...
~Robert DeLoyd


Sunday 23- sunny with temps around 74 degrees.
I did my stretches and took Cassie for a walk.
Chris Jonas called to tell me that his wife Violet passed away this morning at 12:30am.
We went over to Bonnie and Larry’s for lunch and had spaghetti, pie and cake, yummy! We watched a movie called “Beowulf” (2011) it was all computer animated and it looked pretty dang real.
Jimmy Stonebraker called to tell me his niece Jody had passed away in her sleep last night. Two people I know passing away in one day is a little overwhelming.
Cassie and me went went for a night run at 2am.

Monday 24- a nice sunny day temps in the low 70s.
Cassie woke me up at 8am to go outside. I decided to stay up and did my stretches, yoga, lifted weights, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for 4 minutes. Then we went for a mile and a half run through the desert.
I spent the whole day working around the house repairing this and that, replaced the light in the front seat of the Cougar with an LED light so if it gets left on it won’t drain the battery. Watered all the plants outside and re-planted a small willow cutting into a larger pot.
Seems that Cassie is a little under the weather and I will let her be, but keep an eye on her

Tuesday 25- nice day, but I feel a change in the air this evening.
I just started reading the book "A Better Dog In Six Weeks" by Wayne Shaffer with Carolyn Shaffer’s lovely Illustrations... It was kinda one of them "Hey wait a minute!" moments when I realized it was her artwork. Pretty darn cool if you ask me, and also the book was signed by the Author!
One of the reasons I opened the book; Cassie was running a little bit of a fever and slept all yesterday after we did our morning run; she hacked something up when we got back. Maybe I am pushing her too quick or it is something she ate like the plants which I try to stop her from eating here and there on the trail we take. I kept an eye on her all day and she didn't get any worse. Anyways she is back to her usual hyper self today.
I did my stretches and took Cassie for a short walk.
I called up my childhood friend Doug Dorney and yapped about old times for over an hour.
Again I worked around the house and trying to figure out what I want to keep and what I need to toss or give away; I’m going to downsize what I own. I planted a few cactus I had in a box.
We went for a short evening walk.

Wednesday 26- a windy day with clouds flowing into our area.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for four minutes. Me and Cassie went for a nice walk. I’m not going to run her until she gets another month older.
I cleaned out the Cougar of all the trash that has accumulated since I bought it.
We went to Sherry’s so Cassie can play with the older dogs there in a secure yard, while Sherry and I go out for lunch/dinner or linder as Sherry likes to call it. We did some quick shopping at WalMart and then went to that Chinese Buffet and ate our fill. Kinda made up for not having potluck last Saturday.

Thursday 27- overcast all day with a large storm coming through tonight through Saturday.
I did my stretches and yoga.
I mopped the floors of the house and got everything ready for the storm coming tonight.

Friday 28- rain, rain and more rain.
I did my stretches.
Me and Cassie would go outside to play every time the rain would stop. This is her first rain storm and she seems to enjoy it after she figured out it wasn’t me causing it.
Winters Road got washed out for a few hours because of a cloudburst and there was a large pond that formed at the bottom of my hill on Winters. Linda H called to tell me she had a leak in her roof; other than that there wasn’t any problems at my house or any I heard of from others. We should have lots of wildflowers blooming this spring.


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