Sunday, October 05, 2014

October 2014

Wednesday 01-  89-61 degrees.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, took Cassie for a walk, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.
I was going to go for a swim when I noticed that the tire on the right rear was totally flat. I jacked the car up and took off the tire, the tread looked fine but couldn’t find a nail. I noticed the inside wall looked like it was ground off and I couldn’t see that it was from the front side. I spent four hours at WalMart to get a new tire and replace the battery I didn’t trust. I’ll go swimming another day.
I worked on the book “Thoughts” some more.

Thursday 02- 91/69
I did my stretches and since we were going to Sherry house and would be playing with Barney, Sneakers and Abby I decided Cassie would have enough exercises and didn’t take her for a walk.
I got to her house and let the dogs play while we went to the Sizzler and then on to Stater Bros. to pick up some Doctor Pepper that is on sale.
I got back home about 6pm and all Cassie did was sleep the rest of the night giving me some uninterrupted time to work on my book.

Friday 03- 94/70 degrees
I did my stretches, lifted weights, took Cassie for a walk, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.
I went for a cold swim around 4pm.
I did my stretches, lifted 10lb dumbbells and went for my evening walk with Cassie. I did the core trainer when I got back.
I really pushed it and worked on the book and I am almost done.
I did my stretches, lifted 20lb dumbbells, and went for a night run with Cassie.

Saturday 04-  96/68 degrees.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, took Cassie for a walk, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.
Except for taking Cassie for her evening walk I have completed getting all the thoughts down on “Thought of the week” but there are a few things I’ve written in my columns I also want to include in it.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Week******

To take to the forest and live among nature, to feel free not to listen to the babble of others and not be bothered by the loneliness others may feel in what is the great expanse of the universe is the greatest freedom of all...

I could write a thousand word poem and it still wouldn't describe the light that shines from within you.


There was a lot going on these past two weeks and a lot of gaps in my journal; I am only going to give the short version.
I bought an old but usable trailer for a good price and the lot rent ain’t all that bad in Tucson. It is parked across from my brother Kevin’s trailer at a nice resort. There’s a large pool and all the amenities you would think a resort would have. I am doing this to get better acquainted with my biological family, two sisters and a brother, who live here in Tucson. My home in Joshua Tree will remain my main home and I will spend most of my time there and travel to Tucson every now and then for a month’s stay.

Sunday 05- 96/68 degrees.
I did my stretches.
I called Family and Friends.
I went for a 2pm swim.
Kinda rested today.
Took Cassie for her walks.

Monday 06- 95-67 degrees.
I did my stretches and too Cassie for her walk.
I drove my scooter over to Stoney’s to do my laundry and while waiting for the clothes to dry took a paperback edition of “Azure Sea of Dreams” over to Kelly. She asked if I’d mind going shopping with her to pick up a few things and I said no problem. I went down to Lear Ave to collect my mail, got clothes out of drier and took them home and drove my scooter to her house. We went to to Star Pharmacy to get her meds, and then to Pet Plus to get cat food, Vons and WalMart.
I got home around 10pm. I had to make a call to my Brother to receive some disturbing news (private Family stuff) and called a friend who needed to talk.
Took Cassie for a 2am walk.

Tuesday 07- 91-64 degrees.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, took Cassie for a mile run, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for three minutes.
I went for a 20 minute swim.
I worked for a spell on my book “Thoughts”.

Wednesday 08-  89-61 degrees.
Got everything together for my trip to Tucson.

Thursday 09- 91/69 degrees.
Traveled to Tucson; left at 9am and arrived by 3:30pm. Ate at Carl’s Jr with my brother Kevin. I then saw the trailer in person for the very first time. Not too bad, a lot of minor fixing, and it is located in the area of the resort that allows pets.

Friday 10- 94/60 degrees Tucson.
lifted weights.
Went shopping to supply new trailer.

Saturday 11-  90/59 degrees Tucson.
Swam for 45 minutes, sat in the Jacuzzi for a spell and walked around the resort with Cassie.

Sunday 12- 90/58 degrees Tucson.
I made breakfast and we walked Cassie.
We did the weight training circuit and played a game of pool (I won).
Kevin and I worked on front door which Cassie figured out how to open and we broke it; now we can lock it from the inside but can’t get in from the outside. We removed the leaky old swamp cooler from the roof and will replace it with a skylight I brought from my other home on Copper Mountain Mesa. We created a big mess inside the kitchen area and where we dropped the cooler from the roof that I’ll clean up tomorrow.
My sister Paula and her husband Mark came by with dinner and some supplies for the trailer; it was great seeing them and I gave them a signed copy of my new book.

Monday 13- 85/51 degree Tucson.
I did my stretches.
I still needed some supplies from Ace Hardware and we looked around at a couple of thrift shops for a coffee table but there was none to be found.

Tuesday 14- 84/58
I did my stretches and took Cassie for a walk. She is still trying to get adjusted to Tucson as I am and wakes me up 3 to 4 times a night.
Kevin and I went shopping to get more supplies for the house. I mailed off a certified letter to the Ca. tax franchise board to make sure they get my 2011 return this time. I bought a Trek mountain bike for Cassie to exercise with.
Me and Kevin worked out in the weight room for a spell.
Went for an evening bike ride with Cassie towing me :)

Wednesday 15- 90/61 degrees Tucson.
I did my stretches and took Cassie for a walk.
We went to Ace Hardware to return the door fixture that we bought there several days ago and got one that might work. I also bought sun screen fabric to cover the rest of the Arizona room walls so Cassie can’t see outside very well.
We finished putting up some heavy wire webbing all along the walls of AZ room today.
Went swimming and sat in the Jacuzzi for a spell.
Yes the bike was the best thing I bought for Cassie; she gets a mighty fine workout and lets me sleep at night ;)
I used the bike helmet for the first time tonight.

Thursday 16- 89/60 degrees Tucson.
I did my stretches and took Cassie for a walk.
Kevin and I finished installing the skylight where the swamp cooler used to be.
We went swimming and then hit the Jacuzzi.
Took Cassie out for a ride. She can really tow me easily around the resort, but I need to get her a better harness to make it comfortable for her.

Friday 17- 90/62 with a little rain Tucson.
I did my stretches and took Cassie for a walk.
Last night when I was putting stuff away I noticed a small tub under the kitchen  sink that was filled with water. I tracked the water down to leaky faucet so me and Kevin went shopping at Home Depot for a new sink faucet. I let Kevin did most of the work installing the new one.
We also went to Petco to get a new harness for Cassie.
It has been a busy week so we just sat in the Jacuzzi for a long spell. The resort was putting on a pool social and a lady who puts on these events asked us if we were there for it. We were the only ones there sitting by the pool so we told her we were; we wondered what the treats on the table next to where we were drying off were for.

Saturday 18- 90/57 degrees.
I did my stretches and took Cassie for a walk.
We found out that the door device we bought at Ace Hardware wouldn't fit and took it back and found a new clip for the old lock and saved me $20. Took it back home and me and my brother Kevin installed it.
My sister Audrey came by for a visit and we yapped for a long spell about family stuff. I gave her a signed copy of “Azure Sea of Dreams” she had no idea I've written.


I’ve been very busy going to Tucson and back, working on my house and yard, getting another book ready to publish and I started writing another book for National Novel Writing Month where we have to write 50,000 words in a month starting November 1st. As of right now I have written 14,411 total so far..

Sunday 19- 86/60 degrees with rain and lots of it in Tucson.
I did my stretches and yoga.
Rained all day with thunder and lightning so Kevin came by and we played guitar and watched movies on Netflix.

Monday 20- 85/69
I did my stretches and yoga.
Kevin and I went to Guitar Center to get new strings for my guitar, stopped off at Carl’s Jr for a burger, and filled both our vehicles with gas that is at $2.97 a gallon right now.
We did a few laps in the pool and sat in the Jacuzzi for a spell.
We took Cassie for a walk at around 11pm to watch the Orionids meteor shower but didn’t see a one; just too much light pollution in Tucson, hell you can’t even see the Milky Way like you can back home in Joshua Tree.

Tuesday 21- 85/61
I did my stretches and yoga.
We went shopping for supplies.
Kevin and I lifted weights, swam many laps in the pool, sat in the Jacuzzi and talked to our new friends Gram and Winn.
Had sloppy Joes for dinner and took Cassie for a bike ride. The new harness works a lot better for her pulling me once around the resort. We dropped her off back at the trailer and did a couple of more circuits around the resort.

Wednesday 22- 88/57
I did my stretches and yoga.
We ran out of food and went shopping.
Sat in the Jacuzzi for a long spell.

Thursday 23- 92/63
I did my stretches and yoga.
Me and Kevin went Bookman’s and I bought a paperback book signed by Robert A. Heinlein “I will Fear No Evil” for $20; too cool! And to the Mall, but there wasn’t a bookstore there and made the place feel kinda empty. I can imagine a time in the not too distant future when bookstores will be a thing of the past like drive-in movies and the milkman.

Friday 24- 93/63 Tucson
Me and Kevin drove to Veteran’s Cemetery in Sierra Vista in Arizona to pay our respects to Joseph Frad who was laid to rest there earlier this year.

Saturday 25- 92/59
I did my stretches.
Kevin and I played guitar for a long spell.
We went went to the pool and swam a few laps and afterwards sat in the Jacuzzi.

Sunday 26- 92/60
Kevin, me and Cassie went over to Paula’s and Mark’s house to eat dinner.

Monday 27- 84/62 and cloudy.
I did my stretches, worked out at the weight room, and played pool with Kevin (He won). Later we swam a few laps and sat in the Jacuzzi for a spell.

Tuesday 28- 85/57
Getting ready for the trip back home in Joshua Tree. We went to Home Depot to pick up some bug bombs that Kevin will set off after I leave, foam wraps for the water pipes, and a few other items.

Wednesday 29- in car 78 degrees driving back to Joshua Tree.
Cassie and I said our goodbyes and left Tucson at 5:30AM. We had an uneventful drive which is a good thing and arrived back home to Joshua Tree a little after 12pm.
First thing I did was water the poor thirsty plants and then cleaned the floors of the house; it seems some windstorm came through while I was gone and a fine sand covered everything.

Thursday 30- 84/59 degrees and cloudy- Joshua Tree.
Mail, gas, WalMart.
Shared roasted whole chicken with Cassie.
I did more cleaning of the house. I have found where the wind and sand came into the house and messed it all up; I blame the mess on the new swamp cooler and high winds and not me... well I should have covered the cooler up.
Washed car.

Friday 31- 84/56 degrees.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, took Cassie for a mile run, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for three minutes.
I drove to my mailbox on Lear to collect my mail....
I did a very good


Goodbye to October! Had a mighty fine time :)

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