Friday, February 24, 2017

January 2017

January 2017

Sunday 01- 54 to 36 degrees with wind and rain.
I went into 2017 running down the hill in front of my house and then I went to bed.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for three minutes.
I called a few friends and family to wish them a Happy New Year.
I started reading “365 Starry Nights” again. I had to really catch up towards the last part of the year on my reading because of all the distractions I had going on in and beyond my control. I really can’t say that the EMR class was a distraction because it was something I wanted to do and I did it very well.

Monday 02- 49 to 39 and a bit overcast.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for three minutes.
I read a bit from my history book: a chapter on Alexander the Great and his empire. And a bit from my geology book: about igneous rocks- Intrusive and Extrusive rock types. (the difference between them is pressure, viscosity, cooling and amount of certain elements)
I did my stretches, exercised with 10lb and 20lb dumbbells and went for my evening one mile jog with the dogs.

Tuesday 03- 48 to 39 degrees and overcast all day.
I did my stretches.
I drove to Staters Bros in Twentynine Palms to get some supplies and roasted chicken to share with the dogs.
I went to turn on my iPad and it wouldn’t start up. It has been on charge for a few weeks. I’ll look into it tomorrow.

Wednesday 04- 54 and 35 some clouds.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for three minutes. On our jog we met Roger driving in his old VW Bug along the way. It was getting hard for me to control the two anxious dogs and I tried to make them both sit as I talked to Roger. Then a large white diesel truck drove up making a lot of noise and my dogs started barking as the guy tried to ask us a question or other. Not being able to hear him he gave up and drove off. That’s when Barney got out of his collar and raced after the truck. I said goodbye to Roger and walked in Barney’s direction calling out his name, but the dog had disappeared. I figured me and Cassie would finish our jog and wait for Barney to show up at the house. After awhile I kinda got worried and grabbed Cassie and we both jumped into the truck and did not get more than 200 feet up the hill when I saw Barney running down to us. I got out of the trunk and down on my knees as he ran into my arms. I put the leash on and walked him to the dog cage and then went back and got Cassie and the truck.
I did a search on the web for “iPad will not start. The Apple site said to do this and that and I did what they said, but it still wont start: errors 4016, and then 4005, 09, 2009... I gave up for the day and will try running this on a different computer instead of on my MacBook.

Thursday 05- 64 to 41 with some clouds.
I did my stretches and took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog.
I drew a picture of a woman’s face; I’m trying to get back into my routine again.
Mess around the place fixin things. I put the mailbox out front back together after what the high winds a week ago or so did to it. I don’t get my mail there; it’s just a convenience for FedEx, UPS or folks to drop things off.
No joy on the iPad. I couldn’t get iTunes to load on my Win10 laptop, so I had to install it on one running Win 7. Still I got the same errors. I starting to think it isn’t worth my time anymore and will happily take a sledgehammer to the dang thing.
I took the dogs for an evening walk.

Friday 06- 52 to 36 and sunny.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for three minutes.
I fiddled around the property doing little fix-it jobs and cleaning up a bit.
UPS delivered my Asus ChromeBook Flip. I unboxed it and used it the rest of the day instead of my MacBook Air. The reasons I wanted this is particular ChromeBook is it can run Android Apps, has a touch screen, 4GB of RAM, and turn into a tablet or viewed in tent mode.
I drew a face in a cave.
I read more of the history book about the beginnings of the Hellenistic era. I also read my geology book about shallow intrusive structures: volcanic neck, dikes and sills. Plutons: stock and batholiths forming from Diapirs.
I exercised with the 20lb weights and took Cassie for a night jog up the hill and back. Barney didn’t want to go out into the cold.

Saturday 07- 51 to 41 overcast.
I did my stretches. I think I’ve been feeling the effects of an allergy the past couple of days. My muscles have been sore and aching throughout my body.
I called family and friends throughout the day.
I drew a cat, a mouse and a vase.
I read more of the history book and finished the chapter about the Hellenistic era. The next chapter is the rise of the Romans which is very interesting to me. I also read my geology book about Bowen's Reaction Series. I then watched a whole bunch of Geology videos on Youtube, especially the ones about the Bowen’s Reaction Series. The authors of the book should have put Bowen’s Reaction Series at the beginning in the first chapter and make my understanding of the material to come in the chapters ahead more knowledgeable.

Sunday 08- 57 to 49 light clouds.
I did my stretches, exercised with the 20lb weights, and went on a mile jog with Cassie and Barney. I am still kinda down with the allergy, but the antihistamine I took last night seems to help. I can’t take them in the daytime or else I’d just sleep.
I did the Poop Patrol of the yard, worked in the garden a bit.
I drew the Earth from space.
I got out my old Sony PDA to see if it still was working, and it was. I put her on charge and will mess with it tomorrow.
I spent some time cleaning up the computer room. It is so cluttered with electrical components and old laptops it is hard to get into the place without knocking something over.

Monday 09- 67 to 46 lightly overcast.
I did my stretches, exercised with the 10lb dumbbells and took my doggies for a mile run.
I drew a wave.
Been going through my papers and things, throwing away what’s not needed.
I also messed around with my old Sony PDA again loading up a few books onto it.
I worked on a few of my books making corrections and adding a few items here and there.
I read more of the history book and started the chapter about the rise of the Romans. I also read my geology book and finished up chapter 11on igneous rock and took the chapter test.

Tuesday 10- 60 to 40 a few clouds.
I did my stretches, but I am still feeling sick. I fed the dogs and then went to WalMart to get some supplies because there’s some bad weather predicted in a few days and I wanted to get it over just in case I get any sicker. When I got back home I shared the roasted chicken with the dogs...
I read more of the history book and finished the chapter about the rise of the Romans.
I did a little work on the my books, not much cause I feel ill.

Wednesday 11- 67 to 45 clear and sunny.
I fed the dogs and stayed in bed. I decided to just rest and stay inside until I get feeling better... it’s an allergy or flu or something else.

Thursday 12 to Saturday 14... sick in bed. Rained here and there. Bottom of the hill is flooded again and cars are getting stuck.
While I been in bed I started the (hopefully) last edit of “Desolation”

Sunday 15- 62 to 40 degrees and rained a little bit.
I’m finally feeling better and did my stretches and worked out with the 20lb dumbbells.

Monday 16- 59 to 37 cloudy.
I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, punched the heavybag, and took the dogs for a mile jog.
I continued to work on the edit.

Tuesday 17- 61 to 39 degrees and nice sunny day outside.
I did my stretches and yoga.
I just worked on the book. I did take the dogs for a mile run in the evening.

Wednesday 18- 56 to 34 sunny.
I did my stretches.
I went to take the truck down to get it smogged, but the dang thing wouldn’t start. I tried to push the truck down to where I could jump it with the Cougar, but I couldn’t get it to budge. I then took the battery out of the Cougar and tried to jump it, but that didn’t work. So, I had to lift up my 80lb generator into my wheelbarrow that has a flat tire and work my way over to the truck so I could use a battery charger, but that was too weak of a charge... so I had to hook up another one that has a boost, but the clips were bad. I fixed it so they’d connect and finally got it started.
I got it smogged and it passed. I went and bought a hand dolly at Harbor Freight for moving the generator around... it took all that I had to lift the dang thing into the wheelbarrow... it even tipped over once and I had to lift it back in. I stopped at WalMart to get dog food and a few other supplies... roasted chicken for me and the dogs to share when I get home.
I continued to work on the edit of “Desolation”.
I decided to order a lighter 37lb 2 stroke 1000w generator from WalMart for about $100.

Thursday 19- 58 to 43 degrees.
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.
I spent my time working on “Desolation” and I am up to chapter 11. Hopefully I can get this done and out of the way tomorrow so I can start on the other projects I want to do.

Friday 20- 56 to 43 with lots of rain.
I did my stretches and stayed inside.
The bottom of my hill is impossible because there is now a muddy lake there. A few folks got their cars stuck, but most turn around and go back.
I finished editing and now in communication with Bonnie who works on my covers trying to decided what we need and what goes where.

Saturday 21- 56 to 38 and sunny.
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.

Sunday 22- 55 to 44 more rain.
The muddy lake has grown larger.
Had to dig a ditch around the back of the laundry room to drain the water building up and wanting to flood the whole dang room.

Monday 23- 56 to 34 rained all day long.
I did my stretches and stayed inside
I did more work on the book; just a tweak here and there.

Tuesday 24- 50 to 34 a nice day finally.
I did my stretches and spent the day with my friend Shanna and her three wonderful kids who come down from Mesa Arizona to visit friends.

Wednesday 25- 50 to 32
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.
went to visit Loren & Cecilia Anderson and their daughter and husband who are traveling around the country in their two large RV motorhomes. We sat and jawed for a spell, me getting to meet all their animals and one fantastic parrot that loved to laugh at me. We all went to the Sizzler to have a wonderful get together and chow down. On the way to eat I did a quick stop at WalMart to pick up the generator I ordered from them online.

Thursday 26- 51 to 35
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.
Bonnie posted two versions of the cover on FaceBook to see which ones folks liked. It ended up a draw and she merged both into one really nice cover for “Desolation” and all I need to do is publish it.

Friday 27- 50 to 34 with lots of afternoon wind.
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.
I did a poop patrol which made the doggie happy.
I unpacked and fired up the new 2 stroke 1000 watt generator... once I figured which way the gas “on/off” lever was supposed to be turned.
I got my new pressure cooker out and decided to try something simple so I went with spaghetti. I used about half the water that I normally would use guessing it would work okay. I did what the instructions said and wanted for it to start steaming through the top thingy, that’s when you start timing.  I was waiting for the dang thing to blow up like those that them terrorist use taking me and half the house down, but it didn’t. When I figured it was time to turn off the flame and release the pressure valve. This is when a whole lot of steam came out shooting out. I jumped back as it rose high into the air of my kitchen condensing and dripping off the ceiling onto everything on the counter. Once this boiler had ceased to blow steam like a locomotive run amuck, I twisted the top off to find my spaghetti was cooked to perfection.

Saturday 28- 65 to 44
Potluck! There were a bit over twenty hungry folks showing up Teresa and Ken Sitz- tomales; Jeff Dongvillo- potato salad; Chris- veggie spaghetti, garlic bread; Mary- happy meatball mac, apple pie, fried chicken; John Lee- potato and mac salad; Yvonne Frances- frosted cake; Paul Cullum- roasted chicken; David and Agnes King- three kinds of hot wings; Jonalee- cookies and ice cream; Pat Horwath- zucchini; Rand Kidman- deviled eggs; Bob Deloyd- rice and cookies; Chat Aelion Israel and his three nieces brought grapes...
Anyways, this here was from a list Mary copied and gave to me to decipher for you as I was leaving to go home... I did my best, but could barely read it and may/for sure contain misspelled names... There was a lot of yammering going on and I met Rand who has lived up here for 26 years for the first time! I wish you the best writing this one up or just leave it just as is ;)

Sunday 29- 69 to 44 sunny.
I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for three minutes.
I drew
I swept the house real good... lots of dog hairs.
Went for a walk alone listening to a lecture 1 on Cambridge University’s lecture series on Adaptation to Climate Change.
I read chapter 12 of the Geology book, and also got caught up on my astronomy reading.
I published “Desolation”

Monday 30- 62 to 41 degrees and lite wind.
I did my stretches, exercised with the 20lb dumbbells, and took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog.
Did something, but forgot :)
Went for a walk, but took the dogs along and I listening to a lecture 2 on climate.

Tuesday 31- 66 to 44 degrees and sunny.
I did my stretches.
I went to Walmart to pick up some supplies.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Month******

I spent all my time editing and adding and editing over and over again my book “Desolation” and this is all the writing I did until I got the book done.

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