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May 2017

May 2017

Monday 01- 90 to 57
I did my stretches, yoga, and took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog.

Tuesday 02- 94 to 69
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.

Wednesday 03- 97 to 70
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.

Thursday 04- 98 to 70
I did my stretches. I didn’t feel well this morning.
I started and finished chapter 14

Friday 05- 99 to 73
I did my stretches. I am still not feeling well this morning. Dogs are pissed I haven’t taken them for a walk in two days now.
I began and almost finished chapter 15.

Saturday 06- 83 to 48 very windy.
I did my stretches and exercised with the 20lb weights.
I finished chapter 15 and started 16... I’m not sure but I think this is the last chapter. Then I go back and add and edit to it and it should be around 50 thousand words.

Sunday 07- 62 to 45
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a walk just before it began to rain. I worked in the yard

Monday 08- 78 to 57
I did my stretches and walked the dogs. Barney slipped his collar and got away again. I called out to him, but he just ran off. He’s done this before. I walked back and put Cassie in the dog run and left the front gate opened. Barney came back an hour later and I gave him a treat just like I do with Cassie when she escapes.

Tuesday 09- 80 to 58
I did my stretches, exercised with the 20lb dumbbells, and took Cassie for a jog. I didn’t take Barney, he is being disciplined because he ran off on me yesterday on our walk.

Wednesday 10- 82 to 56
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.
Seimi came by to chat for a spell.
I worked on my book trying to get somewheres around 50 thousand words... need 15 thousand more.

Thursday 11- 89 to 56
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a mile jog.
I worked more on the book.
Took the dogs for an evening walk.

Friday 12-  92 to 56
I did my stretches and went to WalMart, but first I went to get my mail at my mailbox on Border and it wes replaced with a new array of post boxes and my key didn’t work for my new box. I stopped the mail person and they said just for me to present my id at the post office and the wll give me a new key. Well to make a long story to the point the people at the JT post office said that I was live in 29 and shouldn’t have a post box there. I said but I’ve had my box there for almost 20 years. I told them I live on the border of 29 and JT, but that didn’t make a difference to the. I will find pieces of more information to present on Monday when I go to collect my mail at the post office that the mail carrier will pick up Saturday and bring to the JT office. Now I might have to change all my credit cards and bank statements to reflect the change... gosh, wait until Christmas time. We’ll see what happens on Monday. I just hope the cold hearted office folks at the office don’t give away my box until I can get this squared away...

Saturday 13- 90 to 56
I did my stretches and went to the poetry reading in JT only to find out the evert is to be tomorrow, Sunday, after driving all the way down there today, Saturday :(
I made a mistake... Subconsciously, but a mistake all the same... It never crossed my mind the event would be held on Mother's Day.
So I may or may not be going there tomorrow. My mistake. This will be my first year I won't be sending out a Mother's Day card, or a Father's Day card later in June.

Sunday 14- 84 to 53 and windy.
I did my stretches, put the dogs in their pen and went to the poetry reading where I was invited to read my poetry along with others who had their poems in issue#5 of Cholla Needles book at Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree. I, for the first time ever (except once in 1970 that got me kicked out a speech communication class in college) stood up in front of a bunch of people to read my poems...I even read the one from 1970 ;) I was surprised by how many folks came to listen to poetry... so now I am in Cholla Needles issue 2 and 5.

Monday 15- 73 to 51
I did my stretches and took the dogs for a walk. I am still not doing any weightlifting and the wind is too strong to go for a jog with the dogs.
I found my property tax statement and my water bill from the JTWD both stating my property in in Joshua Tree. I drove down to the post office and presented them both to the gal there incharge. She said, “You do live right on the border of Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree,” and handed me my mailbox keys. I profusely thanked her, because now I won’t have to change my address on my driver's license... among other things you can imagine. I asked about my mail and was told the driver went to collect it all today and she would tell the driver tonight to return the mail to the my mailbox tomorrow.

Tuesday 16- 79 to 47 degrees and windy.
Gotta get up early and go for a scan in Palm Springs. I took the dogs for a quick walk first before I left and made sure they had water in their dog pen where they will await my return. I would’ve preferred to let them run free in the yard, but Barney tries to dig out if I do.
I always get lost in Palm Springs so I left and arrived there an hour and forty-five minutes early just in case. I had to fast so I was really hungry and they had food show on the TV in the waiting room; kinda a bummer. Driving back home I stopped at the Sizzler for their salad bar and ate my fill. Tips
I walked the dogs before I took a long nap.

Wednesday 17- 79 to 53 and very windy.
I did my stretches, swept the floors inside the house, did the poop patrol, messed with my ASUS Tablet that wouldn’t turn on. Had to take it apart, disconnect the battery and reconnect it, and then it kinda worked but another problem cropped up and I finally just threw it in the trash.

Thursday 18- 81 to 57 with wind.
I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, hit the heavybag, and took the dogs for a mile jog.
Changed out the two old failing 6 volt deep cycle batteries for the new ones I bought a two months ago. I had the new ones ready when I used every ounce of energy of the old ones when they gave up the ghost.
Now I am having problems with my Lenovo Yoga Tablet yt3-850f “temperature too high will shut down” it says and shuts right down... of course I tried putting it in the freezer for half an hour and that didn’t work... I think something is wrong with the battery because it says 65030% charged not 100%... so after doing a complete factory reset that didn’t solve the problem, I put it in a test mode that will drain out the battery completely and I’ll find out tomorrow if it fixes the problem when I put a charge to it and reboot. If this doesn’t work... into the trash it goes after I tear it apart to see its innards.

Friday 19- 83 to 49 with wind.
I got up and took the dogs for a walk and then went right to work fixin my Mini Cooper needs a new timing chain tensioner replacement. To get to the dang thing I had to disassemble the air cleaner compartment, the throttle mechanism, and a bunch of minor things not mentioned in the repair manual; hidden bolts and the like.
While I was doing that I was also doing a few updates for a computer I am giving away to my friend’s son. He’s going to use it for school work, I hope he likes it. I also completed the poop patrol I started last Wednesday before the winds became too strong and made me stop.

Saturday 20- 90 to 67
I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, hit the heavybag, and took the dogs for a mile run.
I did my laundry and hung it all out to dry. I finished my laptop I’m giving to my friend’s son and will have it all packed up and ready to go the next time I go to the post office.
I am still cleaning up the yard and tossing stuff in the dumpster... an accumulation of 20 years of friends with good intentions bringing over stuff I don’t need, but they think I need... what I need now is to get rid of it all.

Sunday 21- 97 to 62
I did my stretches, yoga, and took the dogs for a mile jog.
I did another load of laundry... sure makes the job a lot easier having a new washer.
I cleaned up some more of the yard stacking old lumber neatly ready to cut into firewood.
I did some editing of my book “Upon Ashen Roads”, but just got too tired and quit early.

Monday 22- 100 to 73
I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, hit the heavybag, and took the dogs for a mile jog.
I started to work on my 2012 Zuma 50f scooter that fails to start. Now that I have the manual I hope to make some progress.
When not working on the scooter I was cleaning the yard. Still plenty of work to do there. Pretty soon I will start going through clothes I don’t wear and give them away.
I got really upset about the terrorist blast in Manchester at a concert full of teenage children and their mothers.

Tuesday 23- 102 to 70
I did my stretches... too hot to go take the dogs for a run.
I spent most of the day writing a poem called “Missing in Manchester: Souls of Sweet Children”

Wednesday 24- 102 to 70 with clouds and wind in the evening hours.
I did my stretches.

Thursday 25- 90 to 68 with winds.
Doctor’s appointment at 3pm in Palm Springs.

Friday 26- 89 to 62
Needed to get more blood drawn and tested.

Saturday 27- 91 to 58
I did my stretches.
Potluck and we all celebrated Cal Mayers’ Birthday with him by singing him happy birthday to you.

Sunday 28- 97 to 71
I did my stretches and took the dogs out for a walk.

Monday 29- 100 and 69 degrees.
Not feeling very well.

Tuesday 30- 98 to 70
I am still not feeling very well.
I felt better around evening and took the dogs for a mile jog, core trainer, weight bench, and hit the heavybag for a short spell.

Wednesday 31- 93 to 65 and a bit overcast.
I did my stretches.
I went went to Subway and then did some shopping before going to the doctor’s to get a shot.
I shared some chicken hindquarters with the dogs before taking them for a mile jog.

*************** Stuff I wrote this Month **************

Lie still the night, burn bright the stars, overbearing sadness crept beneath a sea of darkness, a spark of love relieved this pain, but fading thoughts ceased to be no longer ~RD

Missing in Manchester: Souls of Sweet Children
Joy and merriment ended its quest, with a device strapped to some loser’s chest. Lurking outside waiting for a concert’s completion, fed by lies and untruths of a religious deception, to rip the innocence of young girls from our hearts and our minds, and remind us of evils of a self-righteous kind.
Drowning us in sorrows of bright futures gone, are bedrooms adorned in pink bows and ribbons with patched teddy bears, once full but now empty, their essence moved on.
In their love and compassion for life will always remain, a beacon to guide us on journeys not made. Souls of sweet children passed gently through the night, as parents searched pleading not my child be taken, not my child tonight.

Life is like a popsicle... before you know it all you’re left with is the dry stick.

Somehow black and white photos brings out the colors of our imagination...

Blistered lips, tattooed parchment skin peeling, lusting for just a drop; the ants will finish what the desert began. ~RD

At times we reflect upon life and our journeys around the Sun. Standing on this seemingly sturdy ground beneath our feet, yet just a tiny speck of water and dust of a thin shell, like that of slag floating around on molten iron. We either can stand in awe looking out to the vastness of the universe and absorb its oneness and peaceful happiness, or detach ourselves from its moment to become lost with ignorance in the realms of infinity.


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