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November 2019

November 2019

Friday 01- I did my stretches.
I help Kelly hookup her propane to her trailer.
I spent the evening editing “Azure Sea of Dreams”.

Saturday 02- I did my stretches, situps, and jogged a mile with Cassie.
I listened to two more Astronomy Cast Lectures: Ep.
I dug out and removed the clothesline thingy so I can start working on phase 2 of the patio.
I took Cassie for a bike/run 

Sunday 03- I did my evening stretches, core trainer, exercised on the weight bench, and jogged a mile with Cassie.
I did some chores around the house.
I took Cassie for a bike/run over to check on Jimmy Stonebraker’s cabin.
Later in the evening, I took Cassie for a nice walk.
I cooked up a big pot of spaghetti and stuffed myself.
I started editing and adding more poems, parables to “Azure Sea of Dreams”.

Monday 04-  I did my evening stretches, core trainer, exercised on the weight bench, yoga, and jogged a mile with Cassie.
I continued to update and edit “Azure Sea of Dreams.
Took Cassie for a bike/run and later for an evening walk.
I did my evening stretches.

Tuesday 05- I did my stretches, core trainer, jogged a mile with Cassie, exercised on the weight bench.
Still working on “Azure Sea of Dreams”.
Took Cassie for a bike/run.
Cassie and I went to visit Bodie and Kjtel and watched two episodes of 

Wednesday 06- I did my stretches, core trainer, jogged a mile with Cassie. Later in the evening, I took her for a bike/run.
I did some more work on the patio expanding it.
Still adding and editing “Azure Sea of Dreams”.
FedEx delivered my new ebike a 54.19Ah Juiced City Scrambler. I quickly put it together. The WatchTower people paid me a visit and we sat around talking ebikes.
I took Cassie for an evening walk.
I did my evening stretches.

Thursday 07- I did my stretches. Cassie killed a jackrabbit and ate most of it... I’m kinda afraid of her sleeping with me. I think I’ll keep her well-fed for now on.
I went to my appointment for my physical. Had a nice chat with the Doctor there talking about everything. He is 6 months older than me and we had a lot in common.
Still adding and editing “Azure Sea of Dreams”.
I did my evening stretches.

 Friday 08- I did my stretches, core trainer, jogged a mile with Cassie, exercised on the weight bench. Later in the day, I took her for a bike run.
Worked on the patio. Still adding and editing “Azure Sea of Dreams”.

Saturday 09-  I did my stretches, core trainer, and jogged a mile with Cassie.
Our little community held it annual meeting on Saturday the 9th of November to elect or re-elect a new 2020 board of directors for our Copper Mountain Mesa Association. A regular board meeting was held first to wrap up the year. I can tell you they are a talkative bunch covering all kinds of issues. One issue was the dangerous condition our roads were left in when the county decided to use Winters Road as an emergency bypass when Highway 62 was shut down for a day. Another issue was the new cell towers being trenched and erected.
The meeting had a light turnout but those of us attending were treated to beef and turkey sandwiches, refreshments, and Mary Helen’s famous yummy cookies. The General Meeting started off with the Pledge of Allegiance. There were openings to fill and we got right down to voting and we are proud to announce the new board for 2020:  President Kip Fjeld, Vice Pres Stephanie Smith, 2nd Vice Pres  Crystal Wysong, Secretary Michel Cicero, Treasurer Mary Helen Tuttle, Director Mack Dodd, Director Steve Tuttle,  and Director Chiara Giovando.
We should all be thankful for these wonderful neighbors of ours who are willing to donate their time and perform the duties that keep our little community functioning for so the rest of us can continue to enjoy our desert home.  
I went right back to work on the patio and edit “Azure Sea of Dreams”.

Sunday 10- I did my stretches.
I took Cassie for a walk over to visit Jimmy Stonebraker and his family who are up here from LA for a family reunion.
Worked on the patio and editing.
I did my evening stretches.

Monday 11- I did my stretches, core trainer, worked out on the weight bench, and jog a mile with Cassie. Later in the evening, we went for a bike/run.
Worked on the patio and editing.
I did my evening stretches.

Tuesday 12- I did my stretches and went for a mile jog with Cassie.
Worked on the patio and editing. I went to the wellness clinic in Yucca Valley for my annual physical.

Wednesday 13- I did my stretches, took Cassie for a mile jog, and exercised on the weight bench.
I did a whole lot of work on the patio extension and was pretty tired when I got done.

Thursday 14- I went to Yucca Valley to get an X-ray and complete my physical. I stopped off at the post office first to sign and pick up a registered envelope for Kelly’s property transfer documents.

Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17- kinda got busy and forgot to write down what the hell I did in those day.

Monday 18- I did my stretches, core trainer, exercised on the weight bench, and ran a mile with cassie.
I am still editing my poem book.
Shanna arrived from Arizona with her three sons ages 4, 12, and 17. She needed a place to stay until she finds a house... tough times. I’m been a batular all my life and haven’t been around children. I guess I’ll find out how I’d do as a parent for a short while.

Tuesday 19- rained most of the day. I did my stretches.
I took Kelly down to Yucca Valley to pick up her rental car so she can drive to Palm Springs to see her doctor. I had an appointment to see my doctor so it wasn’t out of the way. My chest X-ray turned clear but my triglycerides were high and she gave me a prescription that I filled at Rockey’s.  

Wednesday 20- rained a little here and there. I did my stretches.
I picked up Kelly at the place in Yucca where she dropped off the rental car. I needed to get my vaccinations; one for pneumonia and the other for shingles. The shingles one hurts really bad and I have felt pain for many days after.
I made a big pot of spaghetti and it was all eaten up by the end of the day.
We sat around watching a movie and eating popcorn again.

Thursday 21- My arms hurt and I’m not feeling very good so I didn’t do my exercises.
Shanna’s two older sons never rode a motorcycle so I took out my scooter and gave them instructions on how to start and ride. Then I let them go. They had a whole lot of fun. I also let them ride one of my eBikes and they had fun on that too. Later once night fell I took out the telescope. We saw Saturn and a few meteors shoot across the sky. We sat around watching a movie and eating popcorn again.

Friday 22- I did my stretches, core trainer, worked out on the weight bench, and jog a mile with Cassie. 
Shanna took the two older boys to visit her ex for the weekend and didn’t come home until late. This gave me time to work on my poem book and I got a lot done on it.
I started feeling a cold coming on.

Saturday 23-  Yup I came down with a cold, bummer. I am adding and editing Azure Sea of Dreams.

Sunday 24- I am Sick. I am adding and editing Azure Sea of Dreams

Monday 25- I am still sick. I am adding and editing Azure Sea of Dreams

Tuesday 26- I’m sick but I went to the store to get a few things like cough drops. I finished adding and editing Azure Sea of Dreams... I think.

Wednesday 27- Feeling better now and was able to get around more. The past few days I tried not to give whatever I had to anyone else staying at my home.

Thursday 28- ThanksGiving! Shanna cooked up a storm. She used the BBQ to cook the turkey... it took a few hours to do but it all turned out fine. First time I ever had people at my house for Thanksgiving or anything else; it was fun. Later we watched movies, ate popcorn, and had hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

Friday 29- I woke up this morning and noticed Bon Bon wasn’t in the yard, and I thought you took him with you over to your friend's house. Then I went online and read your text and hunted down your letter. I realized right then I will really miss you guys. It was the most excellent Thanksgiving ever for this old bachelor. It made me feel like a father to the kids. Yesterday Markiss asked me to help him with his history and science homework; I felt mighty good, and I was available to help when he was ready. I couldn’t wait to get the telescope out on a clear night again with CJ, who I think is interested in astronomy as I am. I’m happy for the time you guys spent here; me getting to let the two boys ride a motor scooter for their first time, an experience I hope they never forget. I even got used to Riley’s tantrums... Well, kind of sort of ;)
Tears welled up in my eyes as I read your letter, and I felt very lonely for the first time in many years, but I quickly fell back into my perpetual bachelorship.  

Saturday 30- cold and rain in the evening.
Kelly’s puppy Lily passed on and I dug a deep hole and we buried her. She was a very strong and resilient dog.
There were about 20 denizens of the desert attending our Annual Saturday Thanksgiving Potluck. Elizabeth West rowed to shore from the Mayflower bringing us apple sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean salad, and pumpkin cheesecake. Pretty Patti Huges manned the oars rowing alongside Elizabeth with dinner rolls, cranberry salad, cookies, cream cheese and crackers. Dyan Carroll hunted through the forests of Massachusetts stalking us down a turkey, yummy pecan bars, and a corn casserole. John Jacobson arrived in the New World bearing Hawaiian buns and fruit tray. Chris VanNortrick and Mary Kobal trudged all the way from Plymouth Rock through ten feet of snow carrying veggie chili casserole, yams, and assorted cookies for everyone. Mary Rider added to our food coma with her delicious potato salad. We all had a wonderful time gobbling down the cornucopia of vittles with our pilgrim friends who donated money and went home with plenty of leftovers and a Tryptophan hangover. Happy Holidays from our little community.

******************** Poems for November 2019 **************

Poems are like this: We reflect our souls into them, and they shine right back at us in words of rhyme and reason to comfort us in times of despair, to enlighten us in times of doubt, and to give us joy in these times of uncertainty. Poems are our way of expressing the inexpressible…

Don’t let the past be your anchor, but your guide.

Basically, I’m done with all this Political Correctness nonsense and have moved on in life. Some people are too easily offended that it stifles communication. But it is, to me, more frightening to think how some would have us being ruled and our ideas sequestered and condemned if our beliefs and actions do not comply with our PC overlords.

Surround yourself with interesting people who have the courage to be different, who dare to exhibit profound creative ability, and the unpresumptuous audacity to think they can change the world for the better, for they are the ones who can.

Creativity is what follows the realization that everything is possible, and the only boundaries you will encounter are those set by others who haven’t come to that realization yet.

Paintings, sculptures, or words of description cannot render the lively soul of such a sweet girl, but only a poet’s heart or an angel’s touch could ever come near to knowing such a bonny young lass as thee.

Forever is not a place in time but a realm of colors in our minds. Shades of blue and shades of green paint this landscape of our dreams. Little we know the parts we play when we wake up to face another day, to search this realm of flesh to find, a friend so dear, not left behind.

The end of the road looks hidden and gloomy as I walk this path of my life’s final journey. I hear a cry, a shout, a wild winter’s scream, I stop to glance back and caught sight of a being, who might be following, and stalking me down, who hides in the shadows to strike me a blow, to be left to die slowly on the side of the road.
Ascending now quickly into these cold damp dreary hollows, where forsaken souls arrive quickly from dark, dismal dreams. I am now attacked on all sides by these evil swarms, covering my ears from screaming Banshees. I jump, I sprint, I windmill my arms to fight off this curse, to run away swiftly before it gets worse. I slow in my journey down a two-legged highway and come to rest on an old wooden bench. The bench seems alive but all weathered and gray, from paint that has chipped and rotted away. Across lies a field all covered in thorns, I shall not tread over there for my shoes are quite worn. This old bench which I sit catching my breath is really a trap as its limbs start to unwrap. With twigs for fingers, they pick, and they tear, shedding my clothes, my flesh, and pulling my hair. Reaching out grabbing and squeezing, the limbs are now closing, blocking my view, from all things that I love and friends that knew. Cherished loved ones whose paths I have crossed, most have gone missing, perished, or lost. I have no regrets on this wild road I’ve chosen, what lies beyond this dream of a life, nobody knows unless woken.

I hope you find a sturdy boat someday and begin your voyage far, to the fairy realm to witness the unicorn races and watch fairies sprinkled in pixy dust dance to the strum of the centaurs' harp. Indeed it is a magical place, which lies nearby in twilight’s break between a tick in time, where dreamers of dreams meet to celebrate the coming of a new dawn. I hope to see you there one day, I hope your travels are perfectly fine. I shall meet you there someday, my friend, between the tick in time.

It probably sounds crazy of me, but if I could only find the right words, to plant a seed that will grow and spread, of love and peace, in the minds of those who would bring us all down, if I could just find those words everything would be okay.


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  1. Love you and thank you, we miss you so much.