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June 2020

June 2020
With all the craziness going on in the world I've been distracted and forgetful about a lot of important things. Now with the pandemic winding back up, we have protestors in the streets protesting for a good cause... and then rioters looting, and Antifa comes along taking over the protests with their special kind of hate and evil agenda. Who knows if we will ever get back to normal... whatever normal was in the first place. Living out in the desert I am separated from a lot of societies woes. Hope you all are well
Take care! Bob

Monday 01- 101/77F and clear. I went to the post office in Twentynine Palms to get packages. Filled up the little car with gas. Stopped off at Ace Hardware and then on to Stater Bros. to get some supplies.

Tuesday 02- 103/74F and clear. I finished painting the pool cover and put on the hinges so two halves will open. Filled it with water and jumped in... feels so nice!
Kjtel stopped by for a spell with Bodie to yammer with me.

Wednesday 03- 106/79 a few clouds. 

Thursday 04- 112/80F a little overcast. I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, jogged a mile with Cassie.

Friday 05- 100/62F overcast with high winds. 
I got up out of bed and started right in on pounding roofing nails into the roof. The box says 726 nails and there were few left when I decided to stop around 7pm. I also helped my guest install a swamp cooler in her trailer. 

Saturday 06- 88/62F with lots of wind. I received the news that My friend Mack Dodd had passed away. I had been going back and forth worrying if I should go see him, but he made the choice for me. I'll remember him as he was at our community parties. I did go see him a few times at the hospice and he didn't look that bad. I had a book I wrote to give him to read but then the pandemic hit and I wasn't able to see or give him the book I had written him into. I think he would have liked that.

Sunday 07- 82/62F with more high winds. When there was a low wind window for about two hours I went out onto the roof and nailed down the rest of the roofing.
Called and talked to Jimmy and then my brother Kevin.

Monday 08- 89/62F winds dying down around 2 pm. I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, jogged a mile with Cassie.
Wrote a poem for Mack Dodd.
Kjtel my neighbor came by to jaw for a while.
I took Cassie for a night run up the hill and back.
I practiced on my guitar.

Tuesday 09- 91/63F and clear. I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, jogged a mile with Cassie.
I got up on the roof and finished the last of the roll-roofing, taring, cutting, and nailing. I am totally burned out... I got kinda dizzy and laid down for a while. Feeling better now. I just have the trim to do and that’s enough for the roof, hopefully, for another twenty years.

Wednesday 10- 99/68F clear. I did my stretches and took Cassie for a walk. I took the day off to do my studies.

Thursday 11- 106/64F clear and windy. I did my stretch and took Cassie for a walk.
Went to work on the metal trim of the roof but I was only able to do about 20 feet when the wind kicked up. I was heated up anyways, so I quit and came inside to mess around in the house to do my studies.

Friday 12- 101/63F with high winds. I did stretches and took Cassie for a walk.
I decided to rest today. I was just too burned out from yesterday’s work on the roof.
I took my scooter to the mailbox to pick up a package from eBay; an old HP 110 Windows 6 Classic PDA.

Saturday 13- 
I finished tarring and nailing the trim strips I had and needed about three-four more strips to complete the job.
I took Cassie for a nice midnight walk among the stars.

Sunday 14- 94/66F clear. I did my stretches.

Monday 15- 100/69F clear. I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, jogged a mile with Cassie.
I worked in the garage clearing it out... looks like it’ll be many days until I get it cleared.
My old friend Larry Carlock called and we yammered on for way over an hour.

Tuesday 16- 98/67F and clear. I did my stretches.
I worked clearing out and throwing trash away from the garage.
Something bit me, maybe a spider. It hurt really bad and I was sick for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 17- 95/67F another clear day. I did my stretches and took the rest of the day off.

Thursday 18- 98/69F clear. I did my stretches.
Me and my “gest” went to the post office in Twentynine Palms and then to Star Pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled.
I took Cassie for a night run up the hill and back.

Friday 19- 103/72F and clear. I did my stretches.
I almost have the roof covered in white Snowcoat to keep the heat down but ran out and need to purchase about 10 gallons more. Little by little I'll get it done.

Saturday 20- 103/74F hot and clear. I worked out on the weight bench.
I worked outside on the back patio for a spell putting up some structural braces. 

Sunday 21- 105/75F hot. I did my stretches, lifted weights, and took Cassie for a short walk because of the heat. I’ll have to change my routine around because of the heat.
I worked around inside the house. Called and yapped with my brother Kevin for an hour.
I waited until the day cooled down before I took Cassie for a mile run and exercised on the core trainer.
Kjtel and our new neighbor Chisty came by and we chatted for a spell. Chisty is a writer and professional comedian. I gave her one of my poetry books. I walked both of them home but on the way I stumbled over a stone and hurt my left ankle. Later in the night it started to hurt so much I had to hobble around the house.

Monday 22- 106/76F clear. Woke up and the pain from last night's stumble really hurt bad. I did some little stretches but that’s about it.
I had a package delivered to my mailbox on Lear Ave and hobbled to my car to drive down to get it before the thieves did.
I got very sick off of something I ate and tossed up my cookies feeling very ill. It finally dissipated after a few hours and I felt better.

Tuesday 23- 107/75F clear and hot. I did my stretches. Still have a sprained ankle and feeling kinda weak after being sick last night.
I did my studies and cleaned up around the house.
Kjtel came by with Bodie to chat and take Cassie for a walk because of my sprained ankle I couldn’t. 

Wednesday 24- 107/75F and clear. I did my stretches, core trainer and exercised on the weight bench. I’m still staying off the foot.
I worked on the camper and replaced the old roof vent with a new one. I still have to secure it down with putty and screws.

Thursday 25- 107/75F a little cloudy. I did my stretches, core trainer, exercised on the weight bench, and took Cassie for a short walk.
I worked inside the house again messing around with my computers too. I did my studies.
I took Cassie for a midnight jog up and down the hill and back. My first time jogging since the accident with my left ankle.

Friday 26- 104/77F cloudy with some very light drizzles. I did my stretches, too hot to do much of anything else. I did do some laundry and a few things around the house.
I did all my studies.
My sprained ankle is getting better... slow jogged a mile with Cassie this evening. Resting and healing now is over... gotta work it out and keep it moving now.

Saturday 27- 107/76F clear. I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, and jogged a mile but I had to leave Cassie behind because the ground was way too hot for her feet.
I've been going through my notes I've written down for new books and poems. Doing a do-over on how I arrange my house putting things I want to do in easy reach. I also want to learn how to say hello in at least 5 languages. My list grows 

Sunday 28- 100/66F with lots of high winds. I did my stretches.

Monday 29- 89/66 a little breezy. I did my stretches and jogged a mile and a half. 
I went to my mailbox to pick up a package.
I took Cassie for a night run.

Tuesday 30- 92/69F very nice and pleasant day. I did my stretches, jogged a mile, and worked out on the weight bench.
I talked to a new friend I made who lives in Oregon for over an hour.
Later in the day, I drove to Home Depot to get 10 gallons more of Snow Coat for my roof and some fittings for the pool.
I did some of my studies.
I took Cassie out for a night jog up and down the hill outside my house.


I am only responsible for my own actions and nobody else's. I have nothing to apologize for in the past, present, or future that I personally have no control over. I find it appalling for anyone to take it upon themselves to apologize for me things I didn’t do. I am my own person!


Who's old?! We're as young as we believe ourselves to be even if our bodies tell us differently and our minds are far off daydreaming on a beach in Hawaii.

How can you be so mean and thoughtless, how could you be so cruel, to grow up before our very eyes, privileged young adults to face the world. Although you are amazing, it would be impolite for me to stop and stare, but to remind you of these facts of life, alone we all set sail. Upon seas of scattered wisdom, with malice and sword, you’ll ride the crest, with only luck and perseverance... and loathing at your backs. To be brazen on the stage of your forefathers, to slay the beast with its crown of thorns. In spite of your worst behaviors, you condemn those that came before, before the rumbling chariots, before the horseback thieves. So now it’s time they come out to haunt you all, the sullen, malnourished feeble patrons of the past.

The little things our minds pick up on, those bits of memories, old pictures, a cracked teacup, a lock of hair, these little keepsakes handled by those who left, helps us bear the burden of their passing. Their lives flash before us like a video on fast-forward. Reminding us of the warmth our departed friends bestowed upon us with these little mementos of their life. All we have left are these little keepsakes, tokens of a life passing that provides us the warmth and comfort of love we so dearly desire as we reminisce of lives gone by.

What may not be offensive to some may be offensive to others. I respect your sensitivity as long as you respect my rights to have an opinion...

Sorry... With all the crap going on in the world I can only come up with this? I think I need a new perspective...
Oh, the pain and suffering sorrow. Madness, crippled by filth and shame. Oh, these earthly demons come down to haunt me, peeling back layer upon layers of seething wickedness, reeking of pustulant pus embedded deep within my brain. 
Oh, how severe my mental anguish, suffering, bleeds like raindrops to fill the void, left by walking shadows of a younger wilder intense soul, of what I used to be.

Tears of the fallen have dried in the sun, eyes that now stare unfocused to gaze at no one, soldiers lie on battlefields of faraway lands never to see loved ones through those eyes again...

Hiding in the shallow depths of my mind, growing ever darker like oil spilled on an ocean’s tranquil azure surface. Dire despair conveniently hidden I had thought, safely tucked away, now exposes me to my own dreadful demise; a friend has recently passed away just a few months younger than I.
We had once laughed at jokes and stories we’d tell of younger days gone by. The girls we loved, the troubles we were in, not normal lives be ours.
An asset to our little community, a friend to all he’ll now leave behind to be untethered from this Earthly realm taking wing to fly the skies.
We will kindly remember our Mister Dodd and sadly say goodbye.


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