Monday, November 14, 2005

A well known company recently had a confidential memo revealed which boiled down to cutting health care costs by discouraging unhealthy folk from seeking jobs at its stores and hiring more part-time student workers. I read the memo, and to be fair, they are trying to deal with a system that is broken, the U.S. health care system. If you get hospitalized in the U.S. ( Unless you’re a wealthy Saudi waiting for a transplant ) you’re pretty much on your own and at risk of losing your home, car, and any savings they can get at, even if you have health insurance. There are more bankruptcies from medical reasons than any other. It amazes me that people illegally sneak into the U.S. and receive health care which is paid for by our government and people who live here have to go there to obtain affordable care. Is Universal coverage the answer? Maybe Hillary was right in 1993!


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