Friday, December 16, 2005

On keepin my blog current

My friend Tom Merritt told me the other day when he was asking my expertise on a computer matter that I haven’t kept up on my blog, that the last post was in Oct. So this is my attempt to update and keep it current.
     I was awaken by my fat cat who I let stay inside during the winter months. After I let him outside I went back to bed (I am a creature of the night), it was only 7am! I was awoken again at 10:30 by a phone call from Roger Toomes asking me if I heard the news about a fatal car crash on Coyote Valley Road Wednesday around 2pm. I didn’t I told him but promised to listen later on when the news comes on the radio.
     I did my exercises; jogged 3.5 miles, lifted weights, and rode the bike about a mile. I try to do this everyday. It took an Hour and a half today. Yesterday I took my neighbor Anita who lives down the road with the Buffalo to town to get her boyfriend Scott a Christmas gift. Boy she sure can nag a lot but it was great fun and it took the whole day so I didn’t do any exercising that morning.
     I called Stoney around 3:30pm to see if he and Lee had picked up an old tractor he had purchased, but Lee’s back was out and they couldn’t do it and will wait till next week.  He mentioned that if he can git the energy to git out of his chair he will go into the kitchen and bake some cookies. I told him to burn a pan for me; I like burnt cookies for some reason.
     I caught the news at 4pm on Z1077 and they said that yes in deed there was a crash and that a lady, Janet Watson, was killed. I don’t know if she was speeding or what, but it is a shame that it happened so close to Christmas and that her family has to deal with it at such a time. Janet was only 46 years old.
     After the news Joel Levy showed up with spaghetti, made from all things, Barbeque sauce! It was good and we ate it all down.
     I spent the rest of the night updating my computer’s software and reading. One is by Bill Gates called “The Road ahead” which was published in 1995 and is already outdated with most of the predictions of Bill Gates coming to pass. The other book is by Frederik Pohl called “Gateway” which I have read many times and love.
     It is 12:30am Friday now and I just checked the temp which is at 29 degrees! It’s good to have a woodstove!

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