Wednesday, January 11, 2006

On Exercising

On Exercising:
     I spend between 30 minutes to an hour each day I exercise. It is said that it takes about 3 months to make or break a habit; I’ve been doing this for about 3 years straight. Sometimes a friend will come over to exercise; I tell all my friends that they are welcome to come and workout. I feel that it’s the best health plan you can get (or one can afford).
I try to do some kind of exercise of some sort everyday. I may go for a jog one day and ride my bike or walk on other days. I alternate between jogging, biking, or walking, and sometimes I do them all when I feel good. When I jog it is more like the double time we did in the military, not to fast that you run out of breath, but not so slow that a walker can pass you. The distance that I go varies between one half to 3miles.
I usually lift weights everyday. I use a bench press and free weights. I adjust the number of repetitions and weight depending on how I feel cause I wouldn’t want to over do it and pull something.  When I try something new I go slow at first and build it up to a higher level over many weeks, sometimes months.
Days off are important to give my poor old body a rest, so I take them when I go to town or I have some project to do that requires the time and or energy to complete it. Rainy days are another reason for me to take a day off.
Spas are a nice place to workout and meet people. But the time spent just driving to one, unless you have one local, may be time taken away from other activities. The money spent on membership could be used to purchase your own equipment. One big plus to working out at home is a cleaner environment and to be more focused on what you’re doing. You wouldn’t have to compete with anyone racing by while you jog, or putting on more weights then you can handle to show off. I know! I am guilty of these!