Tuesday, March 07, 2006

February 2006

Wednesday 01- Joel came by for pizza and we setup his domain name for IronEyesCodyEnvironmentleStatue.com way to long I told him but that’s what he wants.
Thursday 02- went to Stoney’s for bbq chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy.
Friday 03- started cleaning up the yard and will spend a few days at it.
Saturday 04- still the cleaning yard.
Sunday 05- Linda D. finds a big dog and it seems that it had fallen out of the van when the backdoors came open that was transferring the dogs from Peggy’s to wherever they were taking them. I email Dominie about finding the dog and she will make arraignments for Jill G. to pickup later in the week- went to Mac’s for a visit and helped him out on some computer stuff.
Monday 06- my stepmother Aki calls to tell me that my Dad is in the hospital and will keep me up to date- Peggy is gone from John M.’s home and I went with him to take some pics of the bad condition of the place when the Police return possession of it to him.
Tuesday 07- went to Andrew’s and worked on his computer all day and we installed MS Server on it.
Wednesday 08- call Aki at home and my Dad picked up and we had a nice chat, he is a little weak but feeling fine- went to Linda D.’s to see Big Ben (the lost dog) and then swung by Semi’s and had a visit and he came to my place later to read emails- visited John M. for a while that evening.
Thursday 09- went with Lind S. to look for her lost dog Shati, it was seen over by Del Oro and Cascade streets- went to Yucca to get supplies and stopped by the guitar shop and pickup some strings and a tuner- Andrew dropped by that evening for a chat.
Friday 10- spent the day waiting for Jill G. to come and pickup Big Ben from Linda D.’s house, when Jill came by we loaded him in her van but she couldn’t take the other dog we call Brown Dog because she just didn’t have room for him at her place.
Saturday 11- worked on recording my songs with the MR-8 and spent most of the day doing that- went over to my new neighbor Ron who designs websites.
Sunday 12- mostly worked in yard and around the house cleaning, and recording some of my songs.
Monday 13- USDA food distribution, Stoney dropped by.
     Tuesday 14- been reading Sue Grafton’s book “Q is for Quarry” and finished it up; great book– wrote column and sent to newspaper.
Wednesday 15- went to Andrew’s and worked and played with computers/network-that evening received an email from my uncle that my brother-in-law had a heart attack and passed on.
Thursday 16- wrote an email to my niece, and called my family- My Dad went to the hospital but is out now and doing fine; so I didn’t post those days cause I was worried and disorganized.
Monday 27- moved rubbish in Stoney’s yard to trash bin-went to buffalo Folks place and helped repair underground telephone line to house.
Tuesday 28- wrote column for paper and sent it to newspaper and updated website.