Monday, March 13, 2006

March 2006

Wednesday 1- went over to Andrew’s and worked on computers/network.
Thursday 2- Joel came by and I did an update on his website and also renewed his domain name for another year.
Friday 3- must have done something but I cannot remember ;-)
Saturday 4- Buffalo folk call and ask if I want to watch them stucco the house; I never seen it except last Friday (that’s what I did Friday!) when I went over to Roger T’s neighbor’s house and watched them do it-Andrew calls and is back from LV with computer parts and I go and help him. Loaded Win 2000 Pro on a system when I was there.
Sunday 5- worked on my computer and surfed the web for an article I am going to write on Web2.0.
Monday 6- went to town for supplies (finally after a whole month) I just rather stay up here in Copper Mountain Mesa and hide out in my tech cave-went and visited John M. to see how he is doing cleaning up all that dog hairs left behind by his last tenant.
Tuesday 07- nice day but a little windy- jogged and rode bike- working on a daily reading list of what books I need to read- restrung my Martin guitar- tore down my scooter and started cleaning it for repair- enrolled in two online classes: Web programming basics with JavaScript, Server 101, and Small business networking toolkit
Wednesday 08- went over to Andrew’s and did an install of Win2000 on 3 machines.
Thursday 09- Joel came by with some pizza and we worked on his new website I’m building for him; did the graphics and a little html.
Friday 10- went and visited with the buffalo folks for a while.
Saturday 11- cold and windy so I stayed home all day and worked on some websites and caught up on some reading.
Sunday 12- real cold and windy; snowed in Joshua Tree and Yucca, but not here- went by buffalo folks but they weren’t there so I talked with Ronny who is watching the place for them- later that day I went with Linda D. and shot some photos of the snow on the mountains and got some mighty nice pics of abandoned cabins around sunset and we were really cold!
Monday 13- real nice day compared to yesterday- went over to John M’s and helped him move a desk and setup his computer for him- went for a nice 2-mile walk.
Tuesday 14- Semi dropped by and lent me a “Rami Dass” DVD- Haus came by to jaw awhile- washed clothes- Linda S. called and I went over there to p/u new flyers for her missing dog and fixed her car bumper that some idiot smashed into- Lee drove up and showed me his new Jeep- Joel brought over a lot of cat food he don’t need no more and I worked on his website and got a new domain name for him- wrote column and sent it into newspaper.
Wednesday 15- went over to Andrew’s to mess around with computers but he wasn’t home- dropped by the Buffalo folks for a visit, they gave me an address sign that lights up and is powered by solar- Andrew came by with new Jeep which he bought from Lee (now I know where he went)- loaded up Win2000 Pro on old laptop.
Thursday 16- did my online classes that took about 3 hrs- Joel came by with some Chili-Mac.
Friday 17- Buffalo folks asked me to give Jason a ride home and had a tour of Jason’s home which he had build by himself, I am very impressed!
Saturday 18- went on a photo shoot with Linda D. and walked around Borland Pass with dog. She is trying to help me learn about the camera settings and how the dang thing works- had lunch at Stoney’s; hamburger steaks with mashed potatoes and gravy- Buffalo folks call and have chili fries for me, will eat them over the next 2 days- Mike L. calls from Hermosa Beach and we talk for an hour or so.
Sunday 19- finally rained! – Finished Book “A Guide to the Stars” by Patrick Moore. Mike L. calls again from Hermosa Beach and we talk for an hour or so
Monday 20- did my online classes and completed chapter 2 in all 3 of them, took mist of the day to do this-
Tuesday 21- spent the better part of the day doing my federal taxes- Stoney came by with cake and ice cream after bingo- wrote my column and sent it in.
Wednesday 22- went over to Andrew’s and did the computer thing.
Thursday 23- Joel brought by some Monkey bread, good stuff!
Friday 24- worked on my website and scooter- real nice day and did a bunch of exercises; ran, walked, and biked.
Saturday 25- recorded a couple of my songs onto the computer; they need a lot of work- called my friend Billie who lives in Redondo and she told me she is sick and is worried.
Sunday 26- worked on scooter determined to git it running, spent 4 hrs on it and it started and ran really great, then I rode it about a quarter of a mile when it got a flat tire- decided to do my online courses and recorded “little Boat” on the computer so that the day wouldn’t be a waste.
Monday 27- John M. called and asked me if I would come over and help him dismantle an old aluminum car port and said I could take it if I wanted it, I did and spent about 4 hrs there, he even threw in an old tire repair machine- that evening Linda D. call to ask if I would help her setup her satellite TV and that she had some food for me to take home- Great stuff!
Tuesday 28- wrote a really great April Fools column and sent it into the newspaper.
Wednesday 29- finished online class “Small Business Network”- Linda D. had some leftovers from her work that me and Semi could to take home, so much I’ll be eating it for days- John M. called and is having problem playing from his CD on his computer (no sound) I knew what it was and took over a cable that plugs into the CD from the sound card.
Thursday 30- Linda S. and I went out and put up some more posters of her lost dog and then she gave me lunch- my friend Kula called me on her cell phone while on her way back from Los Vegas to her home in Palos Verdes, we talked for about an hour- Joel came by at 7:30 and we worked on his website till 8:45
Friday31- just cleaned around the house, did some reading and online course- Joel came by with updated graphic and sent an email later with revised text for his website.