Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 2006

Saturday April 01- Ron D. is home from his retreat- Worked late into the night on web design- called Billie and she sounds better then the last time I talked to her.
Sunday 02- Andrew called and needed collaboration on a very old and banged-up computer (keyboard lockout) and spent the better part of the day working on it. We decided it so old it ain’t worth the fix and will lend them another old computer that works- Linda S. left a message that she has found her dog and sounds very ecstatic- visited John M. and installed Encarta encyclopedia on his computer- Andrew came by to pickup CD with system utilities on it.
Monday 03- went to John M. home and picked up that aluminum awning that we took down last week and carted it back to my house after helping him clean up his yard- went on over to Linda S. home and picked up a story that she wrote about her “lost but found” dog, which I will put in my column and took some pictures of her and her dog to put on the website, she looks very good like a great weight has been lifted from her shoulders- at 4:20 I came up with a really good idea for new GUI for computers.
Tuesday 04- wrote column and sent it into the paper.
Wednesday 05- visited with Andrew and discussed computers then we went over to see the Buffalo, which he hasn’t seen yet. While there Scott gave me five bags of stucco.
Thursday 06- sent in my taxes while I was in town getting supplies (been over a month) and gas is up to $2.79 a gallon- really nice day- finished my two online courses and started another “XTML”.
Friday 07- went to Roger T. and picked up some DVDs and some DOS programs-worked 3hrs on Joel’s website.
Saturday 08- Ron D. came by and we recorded 3 tracks for my song “Little Boat”- Mike L. called me from Hermosa Beach and we jawed for a while.
Sunday 09- Stoney called and is having problems with his VCR, went over there and fixed it and while there tried to install his HP Printer but the system won’t recognize it will have to regroup and try another day- visited John M. and did some work on his computer, had to uninstall Sygate Firewall because it came up with errors. I think it may have to do with Service pack 2 and will bring over Zone Alarm and install it another day instead.
Monday 10- worked around the house getting it ready for Kula and Tom’s visit on Wednesday- went over to John M. and met his son Chris who is a computer person like me and we installed Zone Alarm and jawed computers for a while- did some more recording of my songs.
Tuesday 11-really gave the house a final cleaning- Tom M. called to say they’d be here tomorrow around 12:30- did recording of my song “My Mind is Crazy”.
Wednesday 12- sitting here writing and updating this Blog in great anticipation for Kula and Tom’s arrival- 12:45 Tom and Kula arrive! We have a really nice chat and I give them the 50 cent tour of my place- they bring burgers from Carl JR. and cookies too! I had a very nice time with my friends and was sad to see them go.
Thursday 13- went over to Stoney’s to try again to setup his printer. Found that the problem was in the BIOS and that Com 1 parallel port was disabled probably due to the fact that this is an old network computer and a printer wasn’t needed and so the network Administrator disabled the port. Prints fine. Gave Stoney his birthday gift.
Friday 14- rainy day so I just stayed around the house and did my online XML class.
Saturday 15- it is visit my neighbors day; Ron G, Buffalo folks, and met a new neighbor Jason who bought Kinney’s old shack with a few of his friends from Landers.
Sunday 16- Ron D. came by and helped me record and mix some songs and did a multi track too! Dropped over to the Buffalo Folk’s for a visit and then saw John M. at his home.
Monday 17- went over to Stoney’s and his daughter Judy is down for a visit with her grandson Dustin.  They come all the way from Pittsburgh Ca. Dustin talked me into a game of catch with a football and we played for an hour or so and I just know this is going to hurt me for the next few days- finished class 3 in my XML- went over to Ron and Linda’s to give Linda her Birthday gift and said hi to Ron who was in the tub.
Tuesday 18- finished class 4 in XML- did my column and sent it to the newspaper.
Wednesday 19- went over to Andrew’s who was entertaining his mother who is out from England.
Thursday 20- Dale K. called and we jawed for a while- some folks who saw my “Bob’s Solar Page” and have an ecology website emailed me and asked if I would be willing to post to their Blog. I will and I did.
Friday 21- visited the Buffalo Folk and had some kind of small burrito- finished class 5 in my XML.
Saturday 22- lazy day- did my online classes.
Sunday 23- finished all my online XML classes.
Monday 24- another lazy day!
Tuesday 25- Ron brought by some of his homemade chili, YUM! Scott came over with his 4x4 Bronco to move my trailer over to behind the house where I don’t have to look at it. The 4x4 wasn’t working and it was really an arduous time spent with shovels digging out and moving a few feet and digging out and moving a few feet… We finally decided to bring his van up and hook the wench up to it, which worked fine, and we got her moved- wrote column for the newspaper and sent it in.
Wednesday 26- Andrew came by with his computer and we got it working better- got a call from Linda S. that she has finished her drawing and I went over to her home to photograph it.
Thursday 27- finished painting my battery room roof with snow coat- Joel came by with some pizza from our favorite pizza parlor little Caesars in 29 Palms.
Friday 28- tarred trailer roof in preparation for painting it with snow coat- worked on website and updated it and sent out newsletter.
Saturday 29- Ron D. came by with a load of food he acquired, I took some and we took the rest to the retreat- painted trailer roof with snow coat.
Sunday 30- worked on computers- put 12 vdc fan in the freezer in hopes that it will help keep the food fresh longer- I was kicking back on my porch when Jeff Chipman landed his hang glider in a field not more than a quarter of a mile away. I grabbed my camera, jumped in my truck and headed over to see if anyone was injured. As I drove up Jeff was walking the glider over to the side of the road; he looked like some kind of big bird. Well he said he was all right and that he started with a few other hand gliders, who were still in the air around Twentynine Palms, on Highway 18 up where the ski resorts are some 35 miles from here. As we were dismantling his glider, which is held together with Velcro and other flimsy stuff, for transport and waiting for the recovery crew to arrive Jeff was telling me that he got as high as some 12,000 feet! I told him that I was as high as I wanted to be at 5’10” tall. Jeff works at the Getty Museum in the Computer Department and since I work with computers my self I invited him up to my house and “talked shop” while we waited for his friends to arrive.

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