Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 2015

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Saturday 01- lots of humidity
I did my exercises.

Sunday 02- lots of humidity
I took the day off and worked on editing my book.

Monday 03- 106 to 77 degrees.
I did my morning exercises.
I updated my HP Stream 8” tablet with Win10 only after I had a successful update yesterday of the Dell 8” tablet that gave me so much trouble when I first bought it.

Tuesday 04- hot!
I did my morning exercises

Wednesday 05- hotter still
The road crew was still working on Winters road down more towards the community center. My car almost grounded out where they had already gone through with a bulldozer on Monday. I stopped to tell them about almost getting stuck and ask them if it was clear to go the otherway to Lear ave. They told me they didn’t work that area and they were doing the best they could. I told them I wasn’t complaining I just wanted to know if I can come home by way of Lear ave and Winters. They said they didn’t know.
Cassie and I went to town to visit Sherry and her three dogs, Barney, Abby and Willie. While they played outside me and Sherry ate at some Mexican resturant that had some mighty good food. They we did our shopping.
Instead of coming back home my usual way via Border to Winters road, I decided to come home by Lear and Winters road because I was afraid of getting stuck in the sand. This took me about ten miles or less out of my way to get home.

All the trails I created and walk on thru the years were washed away two years ago with the September 6th 2013 storm. I had made new paths I walk my dog Cassie down and now they were washed away by our last storm we had. We'll just have to start new footpaths through the desert...
I have video of "WAVES" coming down Winters just west of my home posted up on my FaceBook page; I have never seen waves on Winters road before. I couldn't get thru for a week until the road crew came and cleared it away, but when I tried to get thru it to go to town my little car bottomed out and almost gotten stuck. I stopped and talked with the road crew who were working farther west on Winters and told them. Now they have put some asphalt at some intersections but nothing at the bottom of my hill where most people get stuck... seems to me they just dug it deeper with no outlet for the water. It'll be interesting to see what happens after the next big storm comes through.

Thursday 06- it rained at 1am and came down pretty heavily for a short spell.
I did my morning and evening exercises.

Friday 07- high winds and a dust storm came through our area. So I just stayed inside editing my book and eating comfort foods.
I ate way too many donuts and other cakie bits that my stomach hurt really bad and I couldn’t sleep until late into the next morning.

Saturday 08- my birthday.
The phone was out (that’s my excuse for no one calling me) during the morning hours possibly because the road crew came back to redo the road where I and everyone else had a hard time going through and may have damaged the buried telephone lines. Thank you to those who tried to get through by phone, and to my Facebook friends for the many many birthday wishes.

Sunday 09-
I still felt bad from Friday's donut binge

Monday 10-
I did my morning and night exercises.
UPS delivered my new Acer 11.6” ChromeBook I ordered from Amazon.

Tuesday 11-
I did my morning and night exercises.
My refrigerator died and my food was starting to warm. I remembered I had an old one I took out of my camper that runs on AC and DC. I manhandled it into the house from my storage trailer, plugged it in and it worked! I quickly transferred my food from the non working refrigerator into the now cooling one...

Wednesday 12- 104 degrees.
I did my morning exercises.
I finished editing my book, but will have one more read through for mistakes I missed. Then I’ll publish it.
I watched the Perseids Meteor Shower... at 10pm didn’t see any, and then at 1am they were coming down. I saw some mighty fine earthgrazers

Thursday 13- 107 degrees.
I did my stretches and cleaned up to go to town.

Friday 14- 109 degrees.
I did my exercises.

Saturday 15- 111 degrees.
Movie night.

Sunday 16- too dang hot so I just stayed inside and edited my book.

Monday 17- 114 degrees.
I did my morning exercises.
I went to the dentist at 2pm, and then went shopping and also brought home some fast food from the Chinese shop in the Stater Brothers shopping complex.  
UPS delivered cover for HP Stream 8 I ordered from Amazon.

Tuesday 18 to Saturday 22- 112 to 110 degrees and hazy.
I did my morning exercises, and ran a mile with my Cassie almost everyday.
I spent many hours working on editing my new book “The Scalloped Edge” and finally finished the last edit before I do a read through.

Sunday 23- 106- 77 degrees,
I can not believe Windows 10 is even running on my Dell Mini 9. I have an SSD 32 GB storage and 2GB of RAM on the mini 9. The first time I tried to upgrade from Win7 I ran out of room even though I had a USB thumb drive for Windows.old and I delete Microsoft Office to gain more space and ran the upgrade again. I didn't think it would actually work and come up with some error. The upgrade took forever to complete but it worked as you can tell in the video. Also I forgot to add that the Edge browser works great and is fast. Win 10 works better and quicker than any OS I've had on the mini 9!

Wednesday 26-
I got word that my sister Donna passed away. We all knew it would be soon; she had hung on to this life for a very long spell, even longer than the doctors thought when they gave her days if not hours to live. I made calls to family members who may not have heard. I was going to cancel my trip to town I had planned, but my Brother and Sister said I should go and not be alone. Went to Sherry’s with Cassie. We went out to eat and then shopping... I probably wasn’t very good company.

Thursday 27-
Went to dentist... Ouch! I had to get pain pills afterwards and drove to JT from 29 Palms and the Pharmacist and waited until he said that the prescription had to be signed and not stamped. With a lot of pain because the anesthetic was wearing off, I drove to 29 and back to JT... and waited some more... once I had it in my hand and in the car I took one and quickly drove home. For the next few days I couldn’t exercise and was quite out of it.

Friday 28 to Monday 31
I spent all day editing “The Scalloped Edge”... My brother Kevin was a great help with the punctuations and such. We collaborated for over five hours on Skype to finish the book and then I published it on Amazon Kindle:
An under-equipped police department of a small desert community is faced with solving the bizarre murder of a chicken farmer. Following the killer's trail leads to uncovering a mysterious cult performing ancient sacrifices in the mountainous regions of the desert badlands.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Month******

To see beyond the starry realms and cast a course to guide our helm, to a faraway land, but yet so near, where elves gather and fairies take flight, leprechauns dance and unicorns play. To laugh at infinity's infiniteness and feel as we're one, while  playing a guitar with waves of electric lust, a song that is meant for only the two of us...

In reply to a mental condition called adulthood “sucking the life right out of you”:
Only if you let it... only if you forget to care... only if you forget the youth... the one that lies within you... the one that’s always there... and if you truly believe... who you really are... it really doesn't matter what others say... because you can still wish upon a star :)

if you perhaps break away
to trust someone enough to say
and have those words of love returned
those words you longed for
those words that speak
of a trusting soul you may seek...

Elyzabeth, I want to tell you a short story. It goes something like this:
We have had a few big storms come through here lately that virtually made it impossible for me to use Winters Road to go collect my mail. My sister Donna was going to pass away soon and I decided to just stay home by the phone to await the call. My spirit was very low at this time. The road crew spent 3 days repairing the road with bulldozers and large graders. So when they were done I made plans to go to town and visit my friend Sherry and leave my dog Cassie there to play with her three dogs while we went shopping and I bought much needed supplies.
At 11:20AM the call came from Florida that Donna had passed. I placed calls to the rest of my family to tell them the news or comfort them if they had heard about it already. I told them I was going to cancel my trip to town because I felt pretty down and out. My brother and sister both told me I should go ahead to town and be with someone at a time like this and not to be alone.
I was able to drive down Winters road to collect my mail and drove on to Yucca Valley to Sherry's. Feeling mighty sad I was going through my mail in her living room when I came across your card and opened it. To my surprise and delight it had all the signatures of my CERT Friends on it wishing me a Happy Birthday.
I cannot begin to tell you how uplifting this card was to me. This card you sent helped me get through a very rough day. Now when I start feeling down about my sister Donna, I open the card and smile, feeling good about myself again.
Thank you very much Elyzabeth!

As summer's heat melts away from my mind and becomes just a memory, the coolness of  September fills this space that summer left with the promise of autumn leaves.  Jack o'lanterns and trick or treat, turkey dinners too, and presents that do await under Christmas trees for wide eyed girls and boys. These are gifts for the months ahead, where water turns to ice and snow, we cherish these moments which fills the heart and sets our soul aglow.

Once a gift now has slipped these earthly bonds held tightly, set free to soar up high and lofty, to carry with you our love for such a kind soul as thee. We shall miss, but never forget your loveliness, your laughter and your smiles. So take flight our sweet Angel without a care or worry among the starry skies and be at peace again.

If one is in my yard I get a 5gal bucket and turn it on its side... I then "Talk" to the snake to calm it down and with a very long stick (I am very careful) push it into the bucket, turn it up right, put the lid on it and walk the snake about a mile away talking to it all the time. I then turn over the bucket and tell the snake it's alright to come out now, but don't come back to my yard. I respect all living critters...

Yes the eyes are the window to the soul and the gateway to what lies beyond that which we seek. When we look into each another's eyes we may see a reflection of ourselves; the mischief, the sparkle of happiness and youth that still remains waiting, wanting to be rekindled. To become more; to inspire, to be inspired, to create upon the vastness of this life a shelter to call your own and know you are not alone never ever again.
That’s what I see in your eyes.

Many hearts, many souls, but one moment...

The seas grew gray, rough and tossed, quickly reef the sails or all was lost. Waves swept the foredecks as my girl hauled in the jib, that was the last I seen of my darling Marilyn...

Tonight is the night to go out into the world of stars and planets, to gaze into the darkness of the void between you and infinity and enjoy the Perseid meteor shower in all its splendor


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